Registering for Classes

All F-1 students who are taking college level classes are encouraged to visit Counseling and Advising before registration begins to choose classes for the next term. All students are encouraged to register early for the best class selection. It is the student's responsibility to register for a full time course load of classes.

Please note: you must be registered full time no later than 10 days after the start of the semester! For students transferring to another institution, you must provide a transfer form and acceptance letter from the institution you are transferring to no later than the first day of the term. Students are not permitted to take classes in a short session only and must be in class during the full semester.

Paying for Classes

Be sure to pay for classes by the due date to avoid being dropped. If you are a sponsored student, a new financial guarantee or letter of sponsorship is required before the start date of each term. If your classes are dropped for non-payment you may not be able to register for the class if all seats have been taken.

Sponsored Students

An updated sponsorship letter or financial guarantee is required each semester. This must be submitted before the start of each term. If your classes are dropped because a new sponsor letter was not provided. It is your responsibility to register for classes again.