I-20 Extension

If additional time is needed to complete your program of study, you may request an extension. You should do this at least 30 days prior to the end date on your I-20. If you let your I-20 expire you will be out of status and will be required to apply for reinstatement so be sure to watch the dates on your I-20. For an extension, you will need

  • A completed I-20 extension form signed by an academic adviser.

  • Proof of financial support (bank statement, bank letter, or sponsorship letter) showing the estimated expenses of at least $16,850. Financial proof must be dated within the last 2 months.

You must be making academic progress in your degree program to be eligible for an extension of time. Please note: this procedure will extend your I-20 but not your visa. If your visa expires, it is ok to remain in the U.S. as long as your F-1 status is valid. The next time you travel outside of the U.S. you will need to renew your visa before re-entering.