Academic ESL


book and globeThe Academic English as a Foreign Language curriculum prepares nonnative speakers of English to function successfully in institutions of higher education in the United States. Course work provides knowledge and practice of academic reading, grammar, listening/speaking and composition. Among other skills, students learn to make presentations to groups, write a research paper, and take notes from classroom lectures. Attention is also paid to the student's cultural awareness, particularly that of the academic environment.

Credit towards a two-year degree, or transfer degree credit to a four year college or university is given for completion of level V (EFL 111 AND EFL 112) courses.


Listening and SpeakingEFL 062EFL 063EFL 064EFL 112
Reading EFL 071 EFL 072 EFL 073 EFL 074 EFL 182
Grammar EFL 081 EFL 082 EFL 083 EFL 084 EFL 111
Composition EFL 091 EFL 092 EFL 093 EFL 094 EFL 181


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