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Digital Media to Disc, DVD, CD, etc

Adding audio and video media enhancements to your instructional content is a great way to make your courses more interesting, engaging, and innovative to your students. It also opens new opportunities to reach students with different learning styles in new ways. Let’s face it, the Internet as we have known it for the past decade has been very flat and text-heavy. Through our digital media development services, Instructional Development seeks to assist faculty in creating rich content that promotes learning.

Services are offered for, but are not limited to, delivery through the following mediums:

  • Online delivery
  • Presentations
  • DVD and CD-ROM discs
  • Mobile devices (iPods, Zunes, phones, etc.)

If you are intending to develop content for CPCC television broadcast, please contact the studio for assistance. [more]

Services include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

  • Project consultations to develop your “vision”
  • Concept development planning and storyboarding
  • Audio / video recording
  • Audio / video editing
  • Custom DVD authoring
  • Publishing of developed media
  • Coordinate with media duplication services

Some of the more commonly requested services include:

  • Course introductions videos
  • Media for course content
  • Desktop screen recordings
  • Media enhancements to PowerPoint presentations
  • Custom DVDs
  • Creation of podcasts