Academic Program Reviews

The College monitors and ensures quality educational programs through a formal systematic 2-year cycle review process facilitated by Learning Unit administration and led by faculties in each educational program.  The Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment submits completed reviews to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.


A new program-level student learning outcome assessment review cycle and process has been implemented.  Results of outcome assessments for all academic programs will be reported every other year (odd year) while an update on implementation of plans for improvement based on those assessments will be due on the even year.

Quality of Academic Programs


Academic Program Reviews are completed on a two-year cycle, with all programs at the College on the same schedule.  In academic years that end with an odd number (-2015, -2017, etc.) programs report on results of assessing direct evidence of student learning and on plans they have made to increase student success.

In academic years that end with an even number (-2016, -2018, etc.) programs report on the progress they have made in implementing the plans for improvement they stated the year before.  At the end of every academic year, the Director of Student Learning Outcomes submits completed Program Review documents to the office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Program review schedule


Enrollment, completion, and retention data on each program can be found on our SharePoint site.  When opening this link a pop-up may appear asking for your CPCC log-in credentials.  Click here to access the data.

Additionally, course grades for online vs seated sections can be found on Planning & Research's Data and Information page or below by term:

Grades in Online vs Seated - Fall

Grades in Online vs Seated - Spring

Completed Reviews

2014-2016 Program Reviews (A pop-up may appear asking you to log into SharePoint.)

2012-2014 Program Reviews

Previous program review documents (prior to 2014)