Survey Developing Information

Surveys serve to measure satisfaction; analyze a department/division, or answer research queries. Each question in a survey should provide information relative to gaining insight directly tied to your purpose and reaching accurate outcomes.

Three things to ask before you begin:

1.What are you investigating? 

2.What is your objective? What do you want answered? 
For an Annual Program Review, the objective is the program’s learning outcome. Survey questions should directly relate to learning outcome objectives.

3.Who will be receiving your survey? 
As part of the program review process, you may wish to survey four populations: Current Students, Graduates, Employers and Advisory Boards.

Please review that samples surveys provided to get an idea of how and what to ask when constructing your own surveys.

All sample surveys are in PDF format.

Current Student survey samples
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Graduate survey samples
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Employer survey samples
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Advisory Committee survey sample
*Advisory Committee surveys are often the same as Employer surveys


Internet (HTML) Survey
If you have an internet survey:


  • Determine the target survey group. Generate a distribution list for internet surveys.
  • Determine if it is best to use a paper or HTML survey.
  • Be sure to include the survey link, deadline and purpose/statement in the outgoing email.
  • Consult with Planning & Research and/or the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness on the best way to distribute your survey.


  • Once a survey has been distributed, the deadline should be at least one week from the distribution date for HTML and 2 to 3 weeks for paper.


  • Survey results will be sent to you in a Word document via email from Planning & Research.


Instructions for Copying Survey
If you have a paper survey:

  • If possible, take the survey and have it printed on a high-end copier (campus printing is best).
  • For Program Review surveys, Planning & Research will make copies.
  • Black marks in corners should be dark and not fuzzy.
  • If more than one page, surveys should be printed duplex (back to back).
  • Do not staple over or tear black corners of survey. This is what identifies the survey when scanning. Please mark this on your special instructions to campus printing.
  • Instruct participants to use #2 pencils or black ink. Colored pencils and colored ink do not register when scanning.

Any questions, please call Denise Wells at (704) 330-6617.