Program Review Calendar

Program Review Calendar

Check list

(The party responsible for each item is listed in parenthesis.)




Introduction meeting for all program review participants, Division Directors and Deans.

Training on Compliance Assist


Meet with Mary-Margaret Kantor to develop your Student Learning Outcomes, Means of Assessment, and Benchmarks

Instructors are encouraged to attend outcome workshop series by Mary-Margaret Kantor

  • Developing Meaningful Outcomes: Laying the Groundwork for Authentic Assessment
  • Course-based Evidence of Student Learning Outcomes
  • Utilizing Rubrics & Classroom Assessment Techniques to Improve Student Learning

Review bank of surveys for grads, current students, employers (Program Chairs)


Meeting with Institutional Effectiveness mentor and program chairs to review student demographic information, verify prefixes and courses in order for Planning & Research to pull data. Discuss Program Outcomes and Means of Assessment for those outcomes.

Set-up Advisory groups, employers and other faculty members to help with the process. (Program Chairs)

Draft of Part I due - The Program Profile (Program Chair) Form due to IE by February 20

  • The narrative for the demographics portion of Part I is due once the data is received from Institutional Effectiveness; the remainder of Part I still needs to be submitted to IE by February 20th.

Survey training and prototype-If surveys are needed for current students they must be started now. Develop questions for surveys (Institutional Effectiveness and Program Director)


How to Read Your Data Workshop (IE)

Download of faculty credentials (IE)

Distribute data to Program Chairs (IE)

Distribute Current Student Surveys out to classes (IE)

Develop Graduate Surveys and distribute (IE)

Develop Employer Surveys and distribute/mail out (IE)

IE staff to assist with SWOT analysis with Advisory Groups

Meet to review Compliance Assist, if needed (IE)

Draft of Part II due - Program Content (Program Chair)

Form due to IE by March 31


Review Survey Data with Program Chair

  • Current Students
  • Graduates
  • Employers


Data information evaluation before instructional staff leaves.


Future Trends and/or Occupational Research from Institutional Effectiveness and any other data that is ready to be distributed to program directors

The following are due:

  • Draft of Part IV - Need for Change (Strengths, weaknesses and recommendations)


Institutional Effectiveness to finalize all information due program directors, survey results, any other data, etc.


Group meeting to see where everyone is with their Program Review.

Preliminary final reviews sent to Mary-Margaret Kantor for editing.


1st Draft due to Division Directors & Deans for review

September 1st

DEADLINE for ALL info to Institutional Effectiveness


Document review/sign off by Division Directors/Deans


Division Directors/Deans schedule review meeting with VP, Learning Unit and Associate Dean, Project Management. Budget recommendations made and feedback given to program Directors.

December (following year) One (1) year follow up due

(Please note that dates are subject to change)