Instructional/CCE Programs

Instructional Programs
Central Piedmont Community College
Revised July 2006


Program Review Progression Dates
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LISTING of Programs IN Review
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Procedures for Review:

1. One person is not to do the entire review by him/herself. This is not an academic exercise but instead designed to be a program faculties' in-depth evaluation of how well they are delivering programs and services. All faculty must be involved. It is recommended that the program begin with a brief faculty retreat to discuss and divide tasks.

2. All programs must use at least one external committee (advisory groups are fine) to provide feedback to programs.

3. All programs must utilize feedback from students.

4. Do not include the following in the review:

  • copies of all your course syllabi or catalog copy
  • copies of faculty diplomas or other faculty credentials
  • printouts of data elements from the mainframe or SAS/FOCUS
  • copies of course rosters
  • names, addresses and phone number of all your students
  • the actual surveys you had returned
  • anything else not asked for specifically in the document


5. In order to keep on track, information should be completed by the approximate dates presented within the Program Review Calendar. Remember, dates are subject to change.

A General Outline View of the Program Review Process
A Detailed Outline View of the Program Review Process