General Outline of Program Review


Instructional Programs
Central Piedmont Community College
Section I - Program Profile
I.A.1 The Mission/Purpose
I.A.2 Program Goals
I.B. The Faculty
I.B.1 The Faculty - Who is Teaching Online?: Percentage
I.B.2 The Faculty - Who is Teaching Online?: MLS System
I.B.3 The Faculty - Who is Teaching Online?: Trained and Untrained Faculty
I.B.4 The Faculty - Who is Teaching Online?: Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
I.C. The Students
I.C.1 Specific Programs That Require Your Courses
I.C.2 Numbers Served, FTE, Registrations, Graduates
I.C.3 Online Classes
I.C.4 Demographic Information on Students
I.C.5 Trends
I.C.6 Funds Received to Serve Under-Served


Section II. - Program Content
II.A. Definition of Program
II.B. Curriculum or Coursework
II.B.1 Stand-alone Programs
II.B.2 Degrees, Certificates, Diplomas
II.C. External Accreditation
II.D. Innovations, New Programs, New Courses, State-Wide or National Efforts, Diversity Applied to Curriculum
II.E. Testing and Remedial Coursework
II.F.1 Distance Education and Use of Technology: Fully Online Program?
II.F.2 Distance Education and Use of Technology: Percentage gone through QCR Process?
II.F.3 Distance Education and Use of Technology: Process Used to Evaluate Online Courses?
II.F.4 Distance Education and Use of Technology: Growth in Online Offerings?
II.G. Funding for Curricular Changes or Offerings


Section III - Student Learning Outcomes
III.A. Process of Identifying Outcomes
III.B. Administrative Outcomes
III.C.1 Student Learning Outcome #1
III.C.2 Student Learning Outcome #2
III.C.3 Student Learning Outcome #3
III.D.1 Program Outcome #1
III.D.2 Program Outcome #2
III.E.1 Administrative Objective #1


Section IV - Need for Change
IV.A. Strengths Identified by External Sources
IV.B. Weaknesses Identified by External Sources and Students
IV.C. Recommendations by Program Staff to Improve the Program
IV.D. Suggested Ways for Improvement
IV.E Strategies for Change


Section V - Future Issues
V.A. Anticipated Future Curricular Changes and Needs
V.B. Market Trends
V.C. Equipment, Space and Faculty Needs
V.D. Future Plans
V.E. Anticipated Future Retirements Within the Next Five Years


Section VI - Resources Needs Checklist With Cost Estimations
VI.A. Resources Needed to Meet Immediate or Short-Term Goals
VI.B. Resources Needed to Meet Long-Term Goals


Two and a half years after the review is completed an Interim report will be completed providing an update on the program's progress.