General Education & Core4 Alignment

Central Piedmont Community College is committed to providing quality education that meets high standards, both for our students and stakeholders.  In order to better realize this commitment, the college has initiated a review of the General Education program and the Core4 initiative.  The purpose of this initiative is to better articulate, define, map, and assess the connection of general education courses through the Core4 competencies.


  • To provide students, faculty, and other stakeholders a clear understanding of how the General Education (GenEd) curriculum and the Core Competencies (Core4) create an integrated and complimentary system that helps students achieve the overarching academic goals of Central Piedmont Community College, regardless of the student's program of study.
  • To document student achievement through collaboratively designed outcomes, assessments, and content that address the goals of both the GenEd curriculum and the Core4.
  • To develop and implement a quality plan that includes consistent documentation of outcomes, linkage between the GenEd curriculum and Core4, College-wide communication strategies, and transparent decision making.

September 2015 Kickoff Meeting Minutes
Report for Fall 2016 Update
Report for Spring 2017

The committee is further divided into 3 Goal Teams:


and 3 Core Teams:

  • Gen Ed Team Minutes
  • Core4 Team Minutes
  • Assessment Team Minutes