College's Assessment Plan

College's Assessment Plan to support the Institutional Effectiveness Plan and Formal Evaluation Process

The College's ongoing assessment plan that is used for both annual goal setting and in-depth review is as follows:

For satisfaction with teaching:

  • The Student Opinion Survey (fall and spring)
  • Reports on Planning & Research website:


For satisfaction with services and instructional programs (rotates annually among students enrolled in curriculum, basic skills, or non-credit classes)

  • Current Curriculum Student Survey (every 2 years)
  • Current Non-credit Student Survey (every 3 years)
  • Current Basic Skills Student Survey (every 3 years)
  • Program Graduate Surveys (continuous)


For student progress and satisfaction with programs:

  • Academic Program Review
  • Graduate/Completer Survey (continuous)
  • Research based data on economic and employment trends

Survey Results can be found here. (This link requires a valid employee login and password to access.)

For input from employers:

  • Advisory Committee meetings (annual)
  • Employer Follow-up Survey (continuous)
  • Planning at the annual Board Retreat
  • Needs assessment surveys for new programs


For satisfaction with services for faculty/staff:

  • Comprehensive Faculty/Staff Survey


For Annual Enhanced Accountability Measures and Performance Funding:

  • Data from LEIS
  • State licensure boards
  • State performance indicators
  • CPCC surveys (mentioned above)


For the Annual Institutional Effectiveness Report:

  • The annual Institutional Effectiveness Report is published each fall and compiles data from the above sources as well as reports of unit accomplishments and budget expenditures. The report is published at the beginning of fall semester.