Administrative & Enrollment and Student Services Reviews

During the administrative unit review process, the units establish outcomes (program, learning and/or administrative) and can do the following types of assessments (and most do several).

  • Direct assessments of student learning
  • Direct assessments of administrative function
  • Surveys of faculty, staff, students, employers, coop and internship providers, direct service-recipients
  • Qualitative assessments such as SWOT analysis and focus groups
  • Use of standardized testing (LIB-QUAL, etc.)


Once programs have these results, they complete the following:

  • Determine if they met their outcomes
  • Develop strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop strategies for change/improvement
  • Discuss future issues


Administrative unit reviews are taken seriously at the College with the four College Vice Presidents spending time on training, assessment and follow-through with their individual units.  The Vice Presidents meet with their units to review all results and help with resource needs.  Results of administrative unit review are reported to the colleges various councils.


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