Visiting Students

Students from 4-year schools who take courses at CPCC in order to transfer those courses back to their home institution are considered visiting students. If you are a visiting student, please review and complete the following steps, utilizing the links provided as necessary, in order to prepare for registration.

1) Review course description and check transferability
The CPCC online college catalog can be accessed by clicking here for course titles and descriptions. It is important to make sure the class will transfer back to your college and count toward degree requirements. Please check with an academic advisor at your 4-year school regarding the transferability of CPCC courses.

2) Complete CPCC Admissions Application
Click here to learn how to complete an application for CPCC. Our online application can be found by clicking here.

3) Create CPCC Username and Password
Click here to learn how to create a CPCC username and password. A username is needed to register for classes at CPCC.

4) Confirm you have met the required prerequisites for the course
When registering, students may find that some courses have  a pre-requisite(s). A pre-requisite indicates that a requirement must be met prior to enrolling in a course.  A pre-requisite is applied to a course to ensure that students are prepared for more advanced subject matter. Prerequisites are established in the course description available in the online college catalog, which can be viewed by clicking here.

5) Review placement test and waiver requirements
CPCC has a mandatory placement test policy that can be found by clicking here. Students with appropriate college transcripts showing they have completed a college Math and/or English course or appropriate SAT/ACT/AP IB scores can be waived out of this requirement by meeting with a CPCC academic advisor.

6) Bring correct documentation and meet with an advisor

If you meet the course prerequisite(s), or satisfy the requirements for a placement test waiver through a college issued transcript or SAT/ACT/AP IB scores, you must bring the college issued transcript or official score documents and meet with an academic advisor at any CPCC campus to complete the process of granting student permission for a course.

Before bringing your transcripts:

  • The course must be completed with a posted grade
  • Courses with a grade of D or lower cannot be submitted to meet pre-requisites
  • CPCC will not accept grade reports or academic evaluations
  • The submitted transcript must have the original grade for the course on it
  • The transcript must be from a regionally accredited college or university

7) Register for classes
Click here to learn how to register for courses. You will need your CPCC Log-in and password to register. Registration for visiting students begins May 5th.

8) Check payment date by clicking here
Click here to see what date your tuition payment is due.

If you have any questions, please call Student Success Services at 704.330.6433