Student Services

Transfer Resource Center/ Academic Advising

Participants have access to professional academic transfer advisors at the Transfer Resource Center, who will assist students with their transfer from CPCC to UNC CHARLOTTE. The TRC offers a variety of resources and support including personalized advising, and resources and information concerning your transfer to UNC CHARLOTTE.

Academic Learning Center

A particular class giving you difficulty? Turn to one of our many course-specific resources or the Academic Learning Center which offers tutoring, studying and learning styles assistance.

Career Services

Let us help you identify satisfying careers that fit your needs. Students currently enrolled in curriculum programs and graduates receive assistance with resume and interviewing skills, deciding on a career, career assessments and access to an extensive online job board just for community college students. Let us help you improve your job search strategies.


Our integrated approach to counseling and advising will contribute to your total college performance. Counseling Services is part of our greater iCAN initiative. Our staff will work with you to identify your life goals, career goals and professional opportunities to make your experience at CPCC the best it can be.

Disability Services

Our Disability Services office strives to ensure that students with disabilities receive academic accommodations and auxiliary aids/assistive technology to meet their needs. Learn about our many resources, how to request services, schedule an evaluation and more.

Financial Aid

We’re committed to providing you with a quality, affordable education; therefore, we offer a variety of financial aid options, including federal Pell Grants and scholarships, to help make the CPCC experience a reality for you.

First Year Experience

The transition to college can be an overwhelming experience. This program helps first year students, and their families, successfully transition to college by hosting a variety of events to educate students and family members on CPCC and its many support services.

Student Records

Student Records is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and security of academic records for the College.  In-person services to students are provided at each of the CPCC campuses.  Mailed or faxed service requests should be sent to: CPCC, P.O. Box 35009, Charlotte, NC 28235.

Student Life

Student Life is home to a variety of student involvement opportunities that focus on diversity, leadership, service and personal well-being. The Passport Program offers student life opportunities that combine both UNC CHARLOTTE and CPCC programming. Past events have included: 49er basketball games, UNC CHARLOTTE theatre productions, and student services and career planning workshops. Getting involved gives students an opportunity to participate in events on both campuses, meet other Passport students, familiarize themselves with the campuses, and learn more about college life.