Passport Program

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Overview: The Passport Program is a distinctive academic transfer program for academically qualified freshmen by invitation only. Qualified applicants are selected by UNC Charlotte for this competitive admission program. Students who do not meet UNC Charlotte's freshman admission criteria, but who display the potential for academic success, are selected to participate. These students begin their studies at CPCC and receive targeted academic advising, student support services, and a student life component, all of which will be UNC Charlotte and CPCC focused. The successful collaboration between UNC Charlotte and CPCC advisors, staff, and faculty allows students to make progress in their intended major during their first year at CPCC while preparing for their second year at UNC Charlotte. The Passport Program staff at both UNC Charlotte and CPCC is committed to providing students with the tools and services to help them succeed in their educational path.

Academic Requirements: Passport students enroll for their first year at CPCC and start their course work in the fall semester. Upon completion of 24 transferable credit hours, students with a 2.0 cumulative GPA, as calculated by UNC Charlotte, are then admitted to UNC Charlotte in the following fall semester to complete their studies. Students who fail to meet these requirements will be encouraged to continue their education at CPCC and apply for admission to UNC Charlotte at a later date.

Program Benefits:

  • One-on-one academic advising from advisors at CPCC and UNC Charlotte
  • Orientation programs hosted by CPCC and UNC Charlotte
  • Co-curricular programming offered at CPCC and UNC Charlotte  to help students become familiar with the campuses
  • Transition seminars to ease the transfer process
  • Assistance with applying for financial aid at CPCC
  • Career counseling to assist with choosing major and career path
  • Students do not need to reapply to UNC Charlotte


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