Frequently Asked Questions

Admission and Eligibility Questions

Who can participate in the Passport Program?

UNC CHARLOTTE identifies qualified students who applied for freshman admission and who did not receive an offer of admission, but who display academic potential. UNC CHARLOTTE then invites this select group of students to participate in the Passport Program.

How does the admission process for the Passport Program work?

Potential Passport students will be sent an invitation letter for admission into the program.  After the student officially indicates interest in the Passport Program, UNC CHARLOTTE forwards the student's educational information to Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC).  CPCC sends interested students more information about the Passport Program, which includes a checklist for enrollment to CPCC. Since spaces in this very popular program are limited, students are urged to submit their interest and reserve their space as early as possible.

Advising and Orientation Questions

What are the Passport Program’s academic requirements?

Passport students are required to earn 24-credit hours of university transfer course work and a 2.0 grade point average during their freshman year at CPCC.

What CPCC courses count toward completing the 24-credit-hour requirement?

Successful completion of courses designated as university transfer courses, which are suggested by an academic transfer advisor, will count toward the 24-hour requirement.  A list of courses that count towards meeting the Passport Program’s academic requirements are provided during Passport Advising Week.

Will the class I received a D in count toward my 24-credit hour requirement to UNC CHARLOTTE?

No. All courses must be completed with a C or higher.

Will AP/IB/CLEP credits count toward the 24-credit hour requirement?

Yes. Consult your academic transfer advisor to determine how they apply toward your 24-credit hour requirement.

Can Passport students attend summer courses at CPCC in order to meet the 24-credit hour/2.0 GPA requirement?

Yes. Passport students completing 24-credit hours with a 2.0 average, as calculated by UNC CHARLOTTE, by the end of the summer session will be invited to attend SOAR, a UNC CHARLOTTE transfer student orientation session, prior to the start of the fall semester.

Can Passport students enroll in classes at UNC CHARLOTTE while in the Passport Program?

Yes. Passport students will have an opportunity to take one specific freshman seminar course at UNC CHARLOTTE during their freshman year.

Is participation in Passport Program orientation required?

Yes. All Passport students are required to attend Orientation.  Orientation provides students with the opportunity to meet other students, learn more about the Passport Program and the many programs and services available at both CPCC and UNC CHARLOTTE.

Placement Testing Questions

Are all students required to complete the ACCUPLACER placement test?

If a student has an unweighted high school GPA of 2.6 or higher, they are exempt from the placement test. Students must turn in their official high school transcript to the CPCC student records office for the exemption to be granted.  An exemption is also granted for one or both tests by meeting one of the following and submitting official documentation to the CPCC student records office:

Minimum score of 22 on ACT Reading
Minimum score of 18 or higher on ACT English
Minimum score of 500 or higher on SAT Reading
Minimum score of 500 or higher on SAT Writing


Minimum score of 22 on ACT Math
Minimum score of 500 or higher on SAT Math

When is the ACCUPLACER placement test offered?

Test Center hours vary according to campus. Please see the link below:

Can I retake the placement test?

Yes. Students are allowed to retake the test by paying $10 per section of the test. In addition, students will be required to complete the study guides with a score of 70% or higher.  Study guides can be found at the link below:

Student life Questions

What student life opportunities are available to Passport students?

Students have the opportunity to participate in both UNC CHARLOTTE and CPCC student life programming. Past events have included: 49er basketball games, UNC CHARLOTTE theatre productions, and student services and career planning workshops.