Printable handouts


       Affirmation Statements

      Tips to help you focus on the positive.



Information about excessive worry and stress – and how to combat it.



Classroom and Study Habits

Recommendations for making the most out of the time you spend in

class and studying.


Goal Setting

Ways to identify realistic goals and stay on track to meet them.


Goal Setting and Prioritizing

Useful ideas about making wise decisions and using time efficiently.


Healthy Living

Suggestions for good choices that help your body and mind.


Concentration & Memory

Steps to improve your mental focus and ability to remember what you’ve learned.



Ideas to help you keep moving forward toward your goals.



Methods for improving your class notes and using them effectively.


Positive Thinking

Strategies for taking charge of your thoughts.



Techniques to help you unwind and deal with stress.


Scholarship Aid

Sources for money to fund your education.



Tips for nurturing self-esteem and appreciation for your abilities.


Talking with Instructors

Helpful perspectives on developing good communication with your



 Test Preparation

Approaches for getting primed and ready to tackle tests and quizzes.


Test-taking Strategies

Help for boosting your test-taking savvy.


Time Management

Strategies for making good use of limited hours.



      Undecided Students

      Essential information for students who haven’t picked a major.

      Balancing Roles