Referrals to Counseling Services


If you’re a CPCC student struggling with personal stresses or feeling stuck in a rut academically, we invite you to contact your nearest campus Counseling Office to schedule an appointment with a Counselor. Sessions are free and confidential.  If you’re experiencing an emergency or crisis, you will be seen without an appointment. After office hours, or if you are off campus, please phone 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergency situations. Non-emergency resources can be found by visiting our Online Resource page.

Referrals from others

We welcome referrals from CPCC faculty and staff. After receiving this information, Counselors reach out to the student and invite them to come in for a meeting. When making this contact, it is important that Counselors explain the reason for the referral and share who has expressed concern. In every instance, Counselors will emphasize that the person who made the referral did so out of care and concern for the student’s well-being. Respecting students’ confidentiality, Counselors are not able to disclose the outcome of referrals; however, Counselors will contact you to confirm your referral has been received and to gather additional information, if needed.

How to make a referral

During business hours, you may escort a student to the nearest CPCC Counseling Office; call ahead, if possible, to notify staff and ensure availability. For additional guidance, click below for information on making referrals for specific situations.

Imminent risk to health/safety of student; requires immediate response

Student in distress but not imminent danger; requires response within 1 - 3 hours

Student would benefit from support but is not in distress; requires response within 1 - 3 business days

If you are unsure whether the student should be referred to Counseling Services or to another area (including Student Conduct) or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may submit a Care Team report instead.