Counseling Help Center

Central Piedmont Community College wants to be a partner in your success – and this is not limited to academics. Here is a collection of diverse and useful resources presented by Counseling Services


Printable Handouts

Covering a variety of topics, this collection of handouts was created by CPCC’s Counselors in response to frequent concerns our students bring.

Web Resources

This page lists online and community resources for crisis situations, healthy living, housing, study skills, and more.

Relationships Video Series

View a series of helpful videos about creating and developing healthy relationships.

Mental Health Screenings

These free, confidential screenings offer guidance about when to seek further assistance for six common concerns. (Please note, however, they do not provide a diagnosis and are not a substitute for medical care or professional assessment.)

CPCC Resources

The College provides students with many great resources, services, and opportunities for engagement. Find them here.