Advising Week



Advising Week: April 4 - 8, 2011


Don’t let registration catch you off guard!  Make plans today to visit your Faculty Advisor, an Academic Advisor, or Student Counselor during Advising Week – or sooner!


Be prepared to choose your classes on the first day of registration!  Avoid the frustration of waiting with a crowd of students for advising help!  Contact your faculty advisor right away, or drop by the nearest Counseling & Advising office or Student Success Center for more information. 


Take charge of your future during Advising Week!


Do I have a Faculty Advisor?

All students who have officially selected their program of study are assigned a Faculty Advisor. 

  • For students in AS degree programs, this is an instructor in your academic department who will help guide you through the ins and outs of your program of study until you graduate. 
  • If you’re in a college transfer program (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Fine Arts), you will work with your faculty advisor until you’ve completed 30 credits toward your degree.  At that point, you will be advised by a Transfer Advisor in the Transfer Resource Center (TRC)  or by a Counselor or Advisor. (All college transfer students are encouraged to seek the services of the TRC, regardless of how far along they are in their program.)


Don’t know who your faculty advisor is?  Click here.


If you need help clarifying which program of study to choose, you are encouraged to visit the Counseling & Advising Office nearest you.


Want to get the most out of your advising session?  Come prepared!

  1. Know what is required for your program of study.

Review your program outline in the CPCC Catalog or visit your academic department’s website.

  1. Print a copy of your Program Evaluation, review it, and take it along when you meet with your advisor.  At minimum, you will need your CPCC Student ID #.

Your Program Evaluation outlines what is required to complete your academic program of study at CPCC; it shows you what you have already completed and what still remains.  To access it:

1)      Log-in to your CPCC MyCollege account.

·         This will require an active CPCC Login.  If you haven’t set this up – or if you’ve forgotten your log-in information – go to CPCC Login from the Online Services section of CPCC’s Homepage .

2)      After logging in, select the “Students” option from the left-hand menu.

3)      Click “Program Evaluation” (found in the right-hand column, under “Academic Profile”)

4)      Select your program of study

5)      Click “Submit.”

6)      Print your Program Evaluation using your web browser’s printing function.  Keep in mind that your Program Evaluation does not show your required developmental courses.

3.       Write out a copy of your proposed schedule, incorporating any/all required developmental courses.  Discuss your choices with your advisor.

4.       Write down specific questions for your meeting.

Important topics to cover:          

·         Are the courses I’ve chosen for next semester appropriate?

·         Have I completed all of my developmental courses?

·         Are there any prerequisite courses I’m missing?

·         Are there courses I should avoid taking together during the same semester?

·         How am I progressing academically?

·         What resources are available at CPCC to help me?

·         When do I need to apply for Graduation?