Welcome to the Integrated Counseling and Advisement Network (iCAN)! Advising plays an essential part in student persistence and success. If, indeed, advising is viewed as part of a retention and student success strategy, it cannot be narrowly defined.

At CPCC advising is viewed as an integrated, developmental process that contributes to a student’s total college performance. In that sense, advising helps students consider life goals, career goals, career opportunities, and deal with personal issues.

To foster total student development, the College operates within the framework of an integrated counseling and advisement system which includes faculty, staff, academic advisors, counselors and peer advisors. If you find that the iCAN does not provide some information which would help you as an advisor or student at CPCC, please complete this form: iCAN Support

Advising Model

If the current literature on academic advising has one central theme, it is that of shared responsibility.  The use of faculty, counselors, academic advisors, and peer advisors makes for a well-integrated advising system.

The iCAN involves the academic and student development communities in collaborative ways to enhance student success. In addition, students are not just recipients of advice, but partners in the advising process.

The iCAN is based on Terry O’Banion’s Model of Advising which was introduced in 1972; however, the system is not linear in approach but rather more fluid and integrated.

Since community college students bring with them a constellation of needs, our approach to advising must be a developmental one. Consequently, there is a critical need for a collaborative effort of both academic and student development staff.

Administration and Coordination

Since the advising system is an integrated , developmental process, the chief administrative responsibilities rest jointly with the Vice-President for Instruction and the Vice-President for Enrollment and Student Services. The ICAN is based upon a matrix of policies, procedures, personnel, services, and publications that are coordinated on a college-wide basis by the Advisement Management Team (AMT).