2011 Faculty Advisor Assignments

Students are assigned a faculty advisor based on the student's last name.


Faculty Name

Accounting - A25100 -A-H

Luther Ross

 Accounting - A25100 I-O

Ann Rowell

 Accounting - A25100 P-Z

Bradley Zorn


Advertising and Graphic Design

Courtney Kimball

Advertising and Graphic Design

Kenneth Compton


Air Con, Heat & Refrig Technology N-Z

Rafael Osuna

Air Con,Heat & Refrig Technology A-M

Roger Spittle


Architectural Technology A-H

Lauren Bridges

Architectural Technology I-O

William Braswell

Architectural Technology P-Z

Mitchell Campbell


Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Aa-Ak

Anthony Bass

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Al

Hugh Bowers

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Am-Ap

Joan Jensen

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Aq-Az

William Brinnier

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ba

Richard Coulter

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Bb-Be

Catherine Felton

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Bf-Bn

David Petts

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Bo-Bq

Terina Lathe

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Br

James Bazan

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - BS-BZ

Teresa Hall

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ca

Richard Helms

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Cb-Ch

Mahbubeh Yektaparast

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ci-Cl

Brenda Armentrout

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Cm-Co

Tracie Clark

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Cp-Cr

Robert Craig

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Cs-Cz

Karen Schwabe

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Da

Anne Puckett

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Db-De

Theresa Russo

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Df-Dl

Linda White

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Dm-Dq

Kathryn Wells

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Dr - Dz

Amy King

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ea-Ei

Brian Anderson

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ej-Em

Mary Comer

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - En-Er

Mary Daly

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Es-Ez

Brenda Bilal

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Fa-Ff

Christopher Brawley

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Fg - Fl

Elizabeth Mills

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Fm-Fq

Patricia Bostian

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - FR-FZ

Gary Ritter

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ga-Gd

Rebecca Fagan

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ge-Gk

Allan Didonato

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Gl-Gq

Lisa Foley

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - GR-GR

Nadine Gordon

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - GS-GZ

Susan Autry

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - HA-HA

Hubert Graham

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - HB-HH

Suzanne Marcoux

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - HI-HN

Deanna Highe

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - HO

Patricia Hill-Miller

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Hp-Hz

Wanda Hill

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ia-Ja

Fred Hollis

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Jb-Jn

James Kirkpatrick

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Jo

Gary Walker

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - JP - KE

Deborah Bobier

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - KF-KN

William Scaggs

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - KO-KZ

Corlis Hayes

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - La-Ld

James Osborne

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Le

Elizabeth Rogers

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Lf-Li

Jack Summers

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Lj-Lo

Barbara Urban

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Lp-Lz

David Brown

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ma

Barbara Whitt

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Mb-Mc

Staci Williams

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Md-Me

Ilia Lively

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Mf-Mn

Maria Cohn

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Mo

Jorge Koochoi

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Mp-Mz

Diana Mibelli

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Na-Ne

Honore' Missihoun

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Nf-Nz

Juana Nikopoulos

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Oa-Oi

Donald Ketcham

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Oj-Or

Shannon Blair

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Os-Oz

Lynn Hunter

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Pa

Shilo McEnany

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Pb-Ph

Kara Allara

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Pi-Po

James Albanese

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Pp-Pz

Joey Anderson

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Qa-Re

Thomas Anthony

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Rf-Rl

Rinav Mehta

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Rm-Rr

Morteza Barshooi

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - RS-RU

Maryann Bradham

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Rv-Sa

Gregg Miller

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SB-SC

Clay Daniel

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SD-SG

Faye Childress

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SH-SH

Meagan McNamee

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SI-SL

Janice Ervin

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SM-SN

Cindy Fowler

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - SO-SS

Sonya Johnson

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - ST-SZ

Helen Kolman

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - TA-TG

Jacquelyn MacLaughlin

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - TH-TH

William B. Morris

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - TI-TM

Quillie Hunt

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - TN-TR

Cao Nguyen

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ts-Tz

Suzanne Williams

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ua-Vd

Janis Orinson

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Ve-Vz

Cynthia Smith

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Wa-Wd

Cynthia Thore

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - WE-WG

Lawrence J. Tramer

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - WH-WH

Daniela Weinert

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Wi

Laura Tucker

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - Wj-Ym

Valerie Wright

Assoc in Arts - A10100 - YN-ZZ

Varona Wynn


Assoc in Fine Arts A-Z

John Cone

Assoc in Fine Arts A-Z

Craig Bove


Assoc in Science - A10400 - AA-AZ

Jocelyn Cash

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ba-Bz

Michael Webb

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ca

Scott Diegmann

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Da-Ez

Michelle Esancy

Assoc in Science - A10400 - FA-FZ

Alisa Hylton

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ga-Gz

Gerald Angelichio

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ha-Iz

Sofiya Ivanova

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ja-Kz

Noemi Jesalva

Assoc in Science - A10400 - LA-MC

Holly Kupfer

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Md - Nz

Elizabeth Mitchell

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Pa

Lisa Spring

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Qa-Rz

William Olson

Assoc in Science - A10400 - SA-SM

Frederick Tone

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Sn-Sz

Steppen Murphy

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Ta-Vz

Khursheed Wankadiya

Assoc in Science - A10400 - Wa-Zz

Jennifer Coble


Associate Degree Nursing A-C

Karen Flaherty

Associate Degree Nursing D-F

Wilma Hood

Associate Degree Nursing G-I

Mary Kotsokalis

Associate Degree Nursing J-L

Christina Burns

Associate Degree Nursing M-N

Bonny Taylor

Associate Degree Nursing O-P

Lisa Morehead

Associate Degree Nursing Q-R

Kent Rittenhouse

Associate Degree Nursing S-U

Tana Wolfe-Mason

Associate Degree Nursing V-W

Catherine Holton

Associate Degree Nursing X-Z

Deborah Higgins


Auto Body Repairs A-H

Henry Bennett

Auto Body Repairs A-Z

Connie Volk

Auto Body Repairs I-O

Douglas Correll

Auto Body Repairs P-S

David Bowen

Auto Body Repairs T-Z

Theodore McClain


Automotive Systems Technology A-B

Kenneth Collins

Automotive Systems Technology A-Z

Connie Volk

Automotive Systems Technology C-D

Kenneth Collins

Automotive Systems Technology E-G

Scott Farrell

Automotive Systems Technology H-I

Mark Spisak

Automotive Systems Technology J-K

David Seidel

Automotive Systems Technology L-M

Robert Archer

Automotive Systems Technology N-R

Joseph Carbon

Automotive Systems Technology S-T

Nicky Teeter

Automotive Systems Technology U-Z

James Viehmann


Baking and Pastry Arts A-Z

Geoffrey Blount


Basic Law Enforcement Training A-Z

Stanley Moore


Business Admin - Int'l Business A-Z

Nadine Russell

Business Admin - Mrkting & Retl A-M

Patricia Moreland

Business Admin - Mrkting & Retl N-Z

Patricia Moreland

Business Admin-H R Management A-M

William Crews

Business Admin-H R Management N-Z

William Crews

Business Administration U-V

William Crews

Business Administration W-Z

Robert Shoffner

Business Administration A-C

Savannah Clay

Business Administration D-F

Henry Corder

Business Administration G-I

Michael Goode

Business Administration J-L

Cheryl Head

Business Administration M-O

Patricia McDaniel

Business Administration P-R

Eric Taylor

Business Administration S-U

Eric Taylor

Cardiovascular Technology A-Z

Sabrina Black

Cardiovascular Technology A-Z

Christopher Jolly


Civil Engineering Technology A-M

Eleazar Montemayor

Civil Engineering Technology N-Z

Robert Page


Computer Engineering Technology A-F

Jeffrey Wyco

Computer Engineering Technology G-L

Jaspal Attrey

Computer Engineering Technology M-R

Billy Chrane

Computer Engineering Technology S-Z

David Ross


Computer Information Technology A-B

Felesia Stukes

Computer Information Technology C-D

Charles Henion

Computer Information Technology E-F

Ella McManus

Computer Information Technology G-H

Donald Belle

Computer Information Technology J-L

Lisa M. LaCaria

Computer Information Technology M-N

William Martin

Computer Information Technology O-P

Henry Moore

Computer Information Technology Q-R

Barbara Neequaye

Computer Information Technology S-T

Hoyle Blalock

Computer Information Technology U-V

Susan Medlin

Computer Information Technology W-Z

Philip Yarbrough


Computer Programming A-M

Ann Aksut

Computer Programming N-Z

Alberto Botero


Computer Tech Integration A-D

Ann Aksut

Computer Tech Integration E-H

Donald Belle

Computer Tech Integration I-L

Alberto Botero

Computer Tech Integration M-P

Todd Koonts

Computer Tech Integration Q-T

Felesia Stukes

Computer Tech Integration U-Z

Ronald Williams


Construction Management Technology A-M

George Wightman

Construction Management Technology N-Z

Rodney Foley


Criminal Justice Technology A-F

Joel Chesser

Criminal Justice Technology G-M

Jack Monell

Criminal Justice Technology N-S

William Kennedy

Criminal Justice Technology T-Z

James Fisher-Davis


Culinary Technology A-E

Pamela Roberts

Culinary Technology F-J

James Bowen

Culinary Technology K-O

Jeffrey C. LaBarge

Culinary Technology P-U

William Lassiter

Culinary Technology V-Z

Pamela Roberts


Cytotechnology A-M

M. Parrish

Cytotechnology N-Z

Kimberley Kaylor


Database Management A-H

Alberto Botero

Database Management I-O

Ronald Williams

Database Management P-Z

Ann Aksut


Dental Assisting A-H

Hollis Adkins

Dental Assisting I-O

Eleanor Henry

Dental Assisting P-Z

Cheryl Wolf


Dental Hygiene A-F

Judith Qualtieri

Dental Hygiene G-M

Eileen Clark

Dental Hygiene N-S

Marilyn Wright

Dental Hygiene T-Z

Marilyn Wright


Early Childhood Education A-B

Kristen Monteith

Early Childhood Education C-D

Karen Callahan

Early Childhood Education E-G

Lisa Godwin

Early Childhood Education H-K

Sandra Newnan

Early Childhood Education L-M

Sandra Newnan

Early Childhood Education N-R

Christine Sargeant

Early Childhood Education S-T

Thomas Heffner

Early Childhood Education U-Z

Whasoup Son-Yarbrough


Electrical Engineering Technology A-F

Jeffrey Wyco

Electrical Engineering Technology G-L

Jaspal Attrey

Electrical Engineering Technology M-R

Billy Chrane

Electrical Engineering Technology S-Z

David Ross

Electrical/Electronic Technology A-M

Phil Briggs

Electrical/Electronic Technology N-Z

William Swanger


Electronics Engineering Technology A-F

Jeffrey Wyco

Electronics Engineering Technology G-L

Jaspal Attrey

Electronics Engineering Technology M-R

Billy Chrane

Electronics Engineering Technology S-Z

David Ross


Fire Protection Technology A-H

James Hopkins

Fire Protection Technology I-O

John Shreve

Fire Protection Technology P-Z

Leonard Edge


Geospatial Technology A-Z

Rodney Jackson


Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology A-M

Gareth Burns

Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology N-Z

Zachery Blackburn

Graphic Arts/Imaging-Flex Technology A-M

Gareth Burns

Graphic Arts/Imaging-Flex Technology N-Z

Zachery Blackburn


Health Information Technology A-M

Mary Long

Health Information Technology N-Z

Floyd Weaver


Heavy Equipment & Trans Technology A-N

Joseph Scarberry

Heavy Equipment & Trans Technology A-Z

Connie Volk

Heavy Equipment & Trans Technology N-Z

Bobby Christopher


Horticulture Technology A-I

John Holmes

Horticulture Technology J-R

Frankie Fanelli

Horticulture Technology S-Z

Randy Sigg


Hotel & Restaurant Management A-Z

Richard Spellman


Human Service Technology Develop Dis A-M

Tommy Lopez

Human Service Technology Develop Dis A-Z

Katherine Miller

Human Service Technology Develop Dis N-Z

Robena Wertz

Human Service Technology-Substance Abuse A-Z

Cathy Killian

Human Services Technology A- M

Tommy Lopez

Human Services Technology N-Z

Robena Wertz


Infant/Toddler Care A-B

Kristen Monteith

Infant/Toddler Care C-D

Karen Callahan

Infant/Toddler Care E-G

Lisa Godwin

Infant/Toddler Care H-K

Sandra Newnan

Infant/Toddler Care L-M

Sandra Newnan

Infant/Toddler Care N-R

Christine Sargeant

Infant/Toddler Care S-T

Thomas Heffner

Infant/Toddler Care U-Z

Whasoup Son-Yarbrough


Information Systems Security A-E

W. Simpkins

Information Systems Security F-J

Gary Gilbody

Information Systems Security K-O

Todd Koonts

Information Systems Security P-U

Lester Sisk

Information Systems Security V-Z

Kamal Nayfeh


Interior Design A-M

Pamela Hacker

Interior Design N-Z

Angela Stephens


Interpreter Education A-F

Keith Cagle

Interpreter Education G-L

Martha Ingel

Interpreter Education M-R

James Wilson

Interpreter Education S-Z

Kellie Stewart

Lateral Entry A-Z

Diann Back


Machining Technology N-Z

Wallace Boswell

Machining Technology A-M

Clyde Hooks


Manufacturing Technology A-Z

Jorma Harkonen


Mech. Engineering Technology A-I

Chris Johansson

Mech. Engineering Technology J-R

Terence Fagan

Mech. Engineering Technology S-Z

Jorma Harkonen


Medical Assisting A-H

Leesa Whicker

Medical Assisting I-O

Linda Ramge

Medical Assisting P-Z

Catherine Flores


Medical Laboratory Technology A-M

Rebecca Sanders

Medical Laboratory Technology N-Z

Doreen Salamone


Medical Office Administration A-I

Cynthia Brunson

Medical Office Administration J-R

Fayette Harvin

Medical Office Administration S-Z

Victoria Semple


Networking Technology A-E

W. Simpkins

Networking Technology F-J

Gary Gilbody

Networking Technology K-O

Todd Koonts

Networking Technology P-U

Lester Sisk

Networking Technology V-Z

Kamal Nayfeh


Nondestructive Examination Technology A-M

Randolph Ernst

Nondestructive Examination Technology N-Z

Richard Hooper


Office Administration - Legal A-I

Cynthia Brunson

Office Administration - Legal J-R

Fayette Harvin

Office Administration - Legal S-Z

Victoria Semple

Office Administration A-I

Cynthia Brunson

Office Administration J-R

Fayette Harvin

Office Administration S-Z

Victoria Semple


Office Systems Technology - Legal A-I

Cynthia Brunson

Office Systems Technology - Legal J-R

Fayette Harvin

Office Systems Technology - Legal S-Z

Victoria Semple

Office Systems Technology A-I

Cynthia Brunson

Office Systems Technology J-R

Fayette Harvin

Office Systems Technology S-Z

Victoria Semple


Paralegal Technology A-I

Nina Neal

Paralegal Technology J-R

William Shannon

Paralegal Technology S-Z

Stephanie Neely


Physical Therapist Assistant A-M

Ilene Weiner

Physical Therapist Assistant N-Z

Joanna Nicholson


Premajor in Art A-Z

John Cone

Premajor in Art Education - A-Z

Carolyn Jacobs

Premajor in Bus Admin A-Z

Patricia McDaniel

Premajor in Communications -A-Z

Linda White

Premajor in Elementary Edu - A-Z

Kristen Monteith

Premajor in Engineering - A-Z

Jorma Harkonen

Premajor in English Education - A-Z

Wanda Hill

Premajor in History - A-Z

Richard Helms

Premajor in Journalism/Mass Comm A-Z

Elizabeth Rogers

Premajor in Mid Grd & Special Ed A-Z

Kristen Monteith

Premajor in Music and Music Ed- A-Z

Craig Bove

Premajor in Political Science - A-Z

David Petts

Premajor in Psychology - A-Z

Terina Lathe

Premajor in Social Work - A-Z

Tommy Lopez


Respiratory Therapy A-H

Brian Stearns

Respiratory Therapy I-O

Lorraine Brodziak

Respiratory Therapy P-Z

Brian Stearns


Simulation Model & Visualization A-H

Nicholas Colley

Simulation Model & Visualization I-M

Marc Tucker

Simulation Model & Visualization N-Z

Farhad Javidi


Surgical Technology A-M

Eugene Pease

Surgical Technology N-Z

Kay Hill


Surveying Technology A-Z

Frederick Gore


Sustainability Technologies A-M

Matthew E. Miller

Sustainability Technologies N-Z

Rose Seymour


Turfgrass Mgt. Technology A-Z

John Royals


Web Technologies A-E

Felesia Stukes

Web Technologies F-J

Daniel von Briesen

Web Technologies K-O

Charles Henion

Web Technologies P-R

Ella McManus

Web Technologies S-T

Daniel von Briesen

Web Technologies U-V

Ronald Williams

Web Technologies W-Z

Barbara Neequaye


Welding Technology A-H

Gregory Bellamy

Welding Technology I-O

Steven Gore

Welding Technology P-Z

Raymond Sosko