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Q: I want to learn about HVAC so that I can change careers. Is there one course I can take so I can get “Certified” for employment?

A: Unfortunately no. In order to become proficient in HVAC, you will need to enroll in a program. You can select a two year Associates Degree program, a Diploma program or one of our certificate programs. If you are planning on taking classes part-time, we recommend starting with one of our certificate programs. Certificate 35100C1 (Heating Service) and C35100C2 (Cooling Service) can be completed in as little as two semesters. Set your schedule to take AHR 110 (Introduction to Refrigeration) and ELC 111(Basic Electricity) in the first semester to create a good foundation for other courses within all certificate programs. If you can only take one course per semester, start with AHR 110.

If you wish to take the two year degree program full time, it is really important for you to follow the suggested course sequence found under the degree tab. Following this sequence helps you complete the A.A.S (Associate in Applied Science) degree as fast as possible. There is a suggested course sequence for the fall and one for the spring.

Q: So why should I take a two year Associates Degree program over a diploma or certificate program? I want to get to work as soon as possible!

A: If you want to break into the HVAC field in as little time as possible, we recommend starting with the Heating Service or Cooling Service certificates. Both certificates help prepare you for an entry level position with a residential contractor. Keep in mind for the best advancement opportunities within any company the A.A.S. degree is the best option. This degree helps you to gain the necessary skills for residential work, as well as industrial, commercial, plant facilities, and office building maintenance contractors. The two year degree also introduces students to the highly specialized field of DDC controls (Direct Digital Controls), opening more opportunities and making you a much more marketable employee.

Q: What will these different programs cost?

A: Approximate costs for tuition, books, fees and basic tools are as follows:

  • Associates Degree $6000 - $6500
  • Certificates ( C35100C1 or C35100C2) $1400 - $1600