Enrollment Steps for CMS Students

In order to successfully register for courses through the Career and College Promise Program, it is necessary to read and complete the following steps. Each step has interactive links to help through the process, just hover and click the BOLD words.

1. ATTEND AN INFORMATION SESSION: Before you begin the process of enrolling in the Career and College Promise Program, it is crucial that you learn all of the details of the program. The best way to get a comprehensive look at CCP is attending an Info Session. INFORMATION SESSIONS: Sessions are in the Central High Building - Room 305: 1141 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204. Parents are encouraged to attend!

2. CCP APPLICATION: A special Career and College Promise application is required for all career and college promise students. Once we have processed your application, you will receive an admissions letter by email from this email address: ccp@cpcc.edu.   This letter will include your Student ID Number (You will need that number when creating your CPCC login).  If you do not receive an email with your Student ID within 3 business days of submission, please check your junk or spam email folder.  If it is not there, contact 704.330.6822.

3.  MANDATORY MEETING WITH YOUR HIGH SCHOOL LIAISON: You must meet with your school's Career Development Coordinator (CDC) or CCP Liaison to determine your eligibility for participation in CCP.  The CDC or Guidance Counselor will notify CPCC of your eligibility and assist you in selecting your pathway. CMS students must see their CDCs prior to enrolling in CCP for any subsequent semesters to confirm that they want to continue on their current pathway or to switch pathways.  Be aware that each school has their own rules and deadlines as well.

4. CREATE YOUR CPCC LOGIN: You will use the CPCC ID number that was assigned to you to create a CPCC Login.  You will be assigned a username and must create a password to complete your login. This login is required to access your personal information such as registration, bills, academic records and student email account. It is also required to log on to the computers at any CPCC campus.

5. ACTIVATE YOUR CPCC EMAIL ADDRESS: (You must wait 24 hours after creating your CPCC login before activating your CPCC email address) CPCC provides an official student email account to every student. Your CPCC Login is also your CPCC Email. This CPCC email is our official means of communicating with students, the Cashiering Office, instructors, advisors, and for campus alerts. Check your CPCC student email every day.

6. STUDY & SCHEDULE PLACEMENT TESTING (if needed): For the College Transfer Pathways and some additional courses in the Career and Technical Pathways, students must demonstrate college readiness on an assessment or placement tests in order to register for classes. For those of you that do not meet the minimum qualifications on a test you have already taken, you will need the CPCC Placement test. Students can take the test by appointment only on any of our six campuses at no charge. Students are encouraged to review the practice test on the website to prepare for the test.


7. RECONNECT WITH YOUR SCHOOL LIAISON, CDC OR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Confirm with your CCP Liaison that you have been processed and can register for classes as part of the CCP Program.

8. COMPLETE THE MANDATORY CCP ONLINE ORIENTATION: A special orientation is provided for CCP students. The link for the Career and College Promise orientation is also located on the Announcements, Information Sessions and Orientation tab.

STUDENTS TAKING ONLINE COURSES: If you are taking an online class you will also need to complete an e-learning orientation.

9. REGISTER FOR CLASSES: Once the CDC/Guidance Counselor has officially submitted student's eligibility and pathway it will be processed by CPCC. Students will need to allow 3-5 business days from the date of submission for processing during Open Enrollment times.  Once processed the student may register online using schedule builder.  Students who have been successfully processed will have received an email from Kimber.Morton@cpcc.edu indicating when a student is ready to register for classes. When you register, please make sure you only select classes that are on your pathway; otherwise, your classes will be dropped. HOW TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES If you have trouble finding or registering for classes that fit your schedule, please contact 704.330.6822.

10. CHECK AND PAY COLLEGE FEES (Summer Semesters ONLY): Even though the program is tuition-free for the fall, spring and summer semesters, students will be responsible for insurance fees and student fees during the Summer semesters. Check your balance and pay your bill through your MyCollege account.  For questions about the fee structure, please contact the Sponsor desk at 704-330-4262.

11. PICK UP YOUR CPCC STUDENT IDENTIFICATION CARD: Get your free Student ID card after you register and your fees.  It will serve as your library card and may be used in the community for a variety of discounts. You will need to bring a photo ID in order to obtain a student ID card.

PICK UP A PARKING PERMIT: Parking permits are required on all CPCC campuses.  You can pick up your parking permit at the Cashiering offices on any of our six campuses.

12. BUY YOUR BOOKS: Print your schedule from your My College account and take it to your campus bookstore or buy your books online.  Not all books are available at all campuses. Check with your CDC or Guidance Counselors to receive book vouchers. Students are responsible for the difference after book vouchers have been applied.

**Please be aware that due to FERPA, college personnel are limited in the information that they can provide to parents.**