College Readiness (Test Scores)

College Readiness* Benchmarks on Approved Diagnostic Assessment Tests


(as of Oct.2016) (prior to Oct. 2015) (as of Oct. 2015) (CPCC's Placement Test)
English 15 18 45 26 DRE Composite score of 151 or higher
Reading 18 22 47 26
Mathematics 19 22 47 24.5 7 or above on DMA sections 010-060

* ASSET and COMPASS may be accepted as well. Contact coordinator for details.

In addition to the diagnostic assessments, colleges may use the following SAT and ACT scores recommended by the testing companies as benchmarks for college readiness:*

SAT (pre-March 2016)
SAT (March 2016 and after)
English 500 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480 English 18
Critical Reading 500 Reading 22
Mathematics 500 Mathematics 530 Mathematics 22

*To be eligible for enrollment in a College Transfer Pathway, students must demonstrate college readiness in English, Reading and Mathematics on an approved test or tests. Eligibility may be demonstrated by achieving the required scores on a single test or by combining test scores from any of the approved assessments.