Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Directory Listing

Full Time Faculty

Richard Kugelmann, CEC, Division Director Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, and Baking and Pastry Arts programs
James Bowen, CEC, CFBE
Pamela Roberts, CEC, CCE, FMP, CFSM Instructor
Richard Spellman, CFBE, SPHR, CHE, Hospitality Management Program Chair
Dan Cheatham, CEC, Instructor
Robert Marilla, CEC, Culinary Arts Program Chair
Jess Cochran, CEC, Instructor
Kimberly Stoll, CEPC, Instructor
Tanya Beauvais, CEPC, Baking & Pastry Arts Program Chair

Jennifer Cubillos, Instructor

Tessia Harman, Instructor

Full Time Staff

Laurie McCoy
Amy Bowen, Charlotte Cooks Program Developer
Kathryn Fry, CPC, CC
Sandy Birmingham
Beth Thompson-Peace, CC, CPC
John LaTour, CPC


CC - Certified Culinarian
CPC- Certified Pastry Culinarian
CCE - Certified Culinary Educator
CEC - Certified Executive Chef
CEPC - Certified Executive Pastry Chef
CFBE - Certified Food and Beverage Executive
FMP - Foodservice Management Professional
SPHR - Senior Professional of Human Resources
CHE - Certified Hospitality Education
CFSM - Certified Food Safety Manager