Course Sequence/Class Advisement Spring 2014



Central Piedmont Community College


Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts (A55150)





COURSE SEQUENCE:   Beginning Spring 2014

Required Lab and Prerequisite classes sequencing in Bold

            1st Semester (Spring 2014)

______ CUL 111 Success in Hospitality Studies       (1st Short Session)        1

______ CUL 110 Sanitation & Safety                           (1st Short Session)        2

______ CUL 112 Nutrition for Foodservice               (1st Short Session)        3

______ MAT 115 Mathematical Models                      (1st Short Session)        3

______ CUL 135/135A Food & Beverage Service     (2nd Short Session)       3


            2nd Semester (Summer 2014)

______ CUL 140/140A Culinary Skills I                                                         6

______ General Education Class                                                                    3

______ HRM 245 Human Resource Management – Hospitality Online            3


            3rd Semester (Fall 2014)

______ CUL 240/240A Culinary Skills II                    (1st Short Session)        6

______ CUL 160/160A Baking I & Lab                      (2nd Short Session)       4

______ CUL 150 Food Science              (Friday’s 1st or 2nd Short Session)   2

______ HRM 225 Beverage Management                (2nd Short Session)          3

______General Education Class                                                                       3


            4th Semester (Spring2015)

______ CUL 260/260A Baking II & Lab                     (1st Short Session)        4

______ CUL 170/170A Garde Manger I & Lab         (2nd Short Session)       4

______ COE 112H Cooperative Education                  (Full Semester)           2

______ HRM 220 Food & Beverage Controls   (1st or 2nd Short Session)       3

______ General Education Class                                                                    3         


            5th Semester (Summer 2015)

______ CUL 270/270A Garde Manger II & Lab                                            4

______ General Education Class                                                                    3


6th Semester (Fall 2015)

______ CUL 245 /245A Contemporary Cuisines      (1st Short Session)        6

______ CUL 273 Career Development                       (1st Short Session)        1

______ General Education Class                                                                    3

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS                                                                                    75


            General Education Class Core Requirements

______ ENG 111 Expository Writing 3

______ ENGLISH 112, 113 or 114     3

______ Humanities/Fine Arts   3

______ Social/Behavioral Sciences 3

______ Communications 3


Rev. 7/13


Culinary Arts Class Advisement Information



General Advisement Information

  • Meet with a faculty advisor before trying to register for classes.  Faculty permission (approval) is required in order to register for culinary classes.
  • Successful completion of 1st semester classes is required in order to continue in the Culinary Arts program.
  • Successful completion of all remaining classes with C grade or higher in order to complete class sequence. (Refer to class retake policy) 
  • All CUL and BPA lab classes require student accident medical insurance.
  • CUL 112, Nutrition for Foodservice and HRM 245, Human Resource Management - Hospitality are online courses.
  • Not every class is taught every semester.  Plan your schedule in advance with your faculty advisor.
  • Mandatory attendance required for the first four days of each lab class.
  • To complete an Associate’s degree in two years, students need to take summer classes and have the flexibility to take day and evening classes.
  • CUL 150 Food Science is offered on Fridays.
  • Proper uniforms, tools, and textbooks are course requirements.            
  • CUL 285, Culinary Competition, may be taken as an alternate to CUL 270/270A, Garde Manger II classes.


Student Uniforms

Uniforms are required for all lab classes.  Students receiving Financial Aid should communicate with the Financial Aid office regarding purchase of required uniforms and tools. 

ALL CULINARY LAB CLASSES – Culinary and Hospitality Management students are required to purchase new uniforms at the CPCC Bookstore.  Your name will be embroidered on the jacket including school patches.  There is a minimum two-week lead time.  Culinary students, to ensure timely delivery of uniforms, place your order at the beginning of the CUL 110, Sanitation & Safety class.


Culinary and Hospitality Management students take CUL 135/135A, Food & Beverage Service as it becomes available.  The uniform required for the dining room lab consists of clean black slacks (no jeans or corduroys) and a white tee shirt.  A dining room service jacket is provided by the school.


Student Tools

The tool kit required for classes is available in the CPCC Bookstore.  This kit is required.  A student may choose not to purchase the tool kit at the bookstore but will still be responsible to have the required items for each class.  Equipment purchased elsewhere is subject to the approval of the division’s director and must be stored in an appropriate carry bag or box.


Course Retake Policy

“Progression in this program is dependent upon a score of “C” or better in all courses with CUL, HRM, and BPA prefixes.”


If a student does not earn a minimum grade of “C” or better in any course with a CUL, HRM, or BPA prefix, that course must be taken again and successfully completed with a minimum grade of “C.”  Only then will a student be permitted to take other CUL, HRM, and BPA prefix courses.  If a “C” grade or better is not achieved the second time, the student will be required to complete all developmental and general education courses with a minimum GPA of 2.0 before re-admittance to a hospitality program.         


Attendance Policy

Students who are unable to attend culinary lab classes the first four days of class will not be permitted to continue the class.  Students whose absences exceed 20% of the classes will earn a grade of “F.” 


Regular class attendance is required to remain entitled to financial aid and veteran’s benefits.  Faculty is required to report irregular attendance to the College which may result in a loss of benefits.                     

 Rev. 7/13