Students interested in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Associate's Degree are required to complete 75 credit hours (general education courses in addition to 15 PTA program-specific courses) in a five semester full-time student program.

First Semester (summer)Fourth Semester (fall)
ENG 111-Expository Writing PTA 225-Intro to Rehabilitation
BIO 168-Anatomy & Physiology I
PTA 235AB-Neuro. Rehabilitation
PSY 150-General Psychology
PTA 165-PTA Clinical I

COM 110-Intro to Communication or

COM 231-Public Speaking
PTA 185-PTA Clinical II

MAT 110-Math. Measurement and Literacy or

MAT 143-Quantitative Literacy or

Higher Level Math Courses
HUM XXX-Humanities Elective1
Second Semester (fall)3 Fifth Semester (spring)
MED 120-Survey of Med. Term. 2 PTA 212-Health Care/Resources
BIO 169-Anatomy & Physiology II PTA 235BB-Neuro. Rehabilitation
PTA 110-Intro to Physical Therapy PTA 245-PTA Clinical III
PTA 125-Gross & Func. Anatomy PTA 255-PTA Clinical IV

ENG 112-Argument Based Research or

ENG 113-Lit. Based Research or

ENG 114-Prof. Based Research & Reporting

PTA 270-PTA Topics
HUM XXX-Humanities Elective1
Third Semester (spring)
PTA 135-Pathology
PTA 145-Ther. Procedures
PTA 215-Therapeutic Exercise
PTA 222-Prof. Interactions
1. Humanities elective can be taken in first (summer) or second (fall) semester
2. MED 120 is only offered to students in the PTA program in the fall semester.
MED 121-Medical Terminology may be taken instead.

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