Education Plan

Course Sequence

Provided above is the sequence in which the OTA courses must be taken. This is a sample of when general education courses can be taken if you have not already completed them. Please note that general education courses marked with an asterisk MUST be taken no later than the semester indicated.


Course Descriptions

Provided above is the description of all the required OTA courses in the program


Required General Education Courses

Provided is a list of general education courses that must be taken in order to complete the OTA program. These courses do NOT have to be taken at CPCC. Schedule a meeting with your College Counselor to determine if courses from other institutions meet the requirements.

Questions regarding General Education courses, substitutions, and points for application have been added to the FAQs under Helpful Information.

Use of Computers and Technology

Please click here to read about expectations and the use of technology in the OTA program.