Occupational Therapy Assistant programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) through a 3-step process. New programs seeking initial accreditation must submit an Application for Developing Program Status to ACOTE. The application is reviewed and ACOTE must take action to either grant or deny Developing Program Status (step 1). Not all programs are successful in obtaining Developing Program Status, and that status must be attained before students can be admitted into the program. Although the "Developing Program Status" designation does not guarantee that the program will be accredited, it indicates that the resource allocation and plan for development of the proposed program appear to demonstrate the ability to meet ACOTE Standards. After a program is granted Developing Program Status, the program will submit a Report of Self-Study for review by ACOTE (step 2) and will have an on-site evaluation (step 3). If the program can successfully demonstrate substantial compliance with the Standards, it will be granted accreditation. If not, accreditation will be withheld.

CPCC was notified by ACOTE on May 2, 2012 that the program has received Developing Program Status.

Applicant programs are new educational programs that have submitted a Letter of Intent to seek accreditation from ACOTE. This is the precursor to achieving Developing Program Status.  CPCC has submitted the Letter of Intent and has achieved Applicant Status.
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The North Carolina Community College System has approved the CPCC OTA Curriculum Program.  CPCC has submitted all the necessary documentation to ACOTE to apply for Developing Program Status, and is awaiting approval.