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All students need to complete the CPCC application and submit appropriate documents for admissions to CPCC before applying to the HIT program. Once the application has been submitted and accepted, a student can apply to the HIT program.

Select the appropriate link below to Get Started.

Step 1: Click here for suggestions to enhance your application

Step 2: Complete CPCC Application

Central Piedmont Community College application process

Step 3: Schedule to take the TEAS test (both version V and ATI TEAS are accepted)

Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Step 4: Complete the Health Information Technology program application

CPCC Health Information Technology Program Application

Example HIT Application


Note: For additional information about the criminal background check and drug screen requirements, click here

For questions about admissions for the HIT program, please email or schedule an appointment to meet with the Admissions Specialist for this program.


You will be notified within four to six weeks after submission of application of status.