Full-Time Courses

Students interested in the Health Information Technology Associate's Degree (HIT) are required to complete seventy-four credit hours in a six semester (general education courses as well as 15 HIT program-specific courses) full-time student program. Applicants are admitted each year to begin courses in the fall semester. Upon acceptance, students begin learning the knowledge and skills needed to become a Registered Health Information Technician.

Fall Semester (1st semester)
Fall Semester (4th semester)
HIT 110-Fundamentals of HIM HIT 211-ICD Coding
HIT 112-Health Law and Ethics HIT 218-Mgmt Principles in HIT
HIT 114-Health Data Sys/Standards HIT 222-Prof Practice Exp III
CIS 110-Intro to Computers HIT 226-Principles of Disease
MED 121-Med Term I HIT 210-Health Care Statistics
BIO 168-Anatomy & Physiology I
Spring Semester (2nd semester)
Spring Semester (5th semester)
HIT 122-Prof Practice Exp I HIT 124-Prof Practice Exp II
DBA 112-Database Utilization HIT 214-CPT/Other Coding Systems
MED 122-Medical Terminology II HIT 215-Reimbursement Methodology
BIO 169-Anatomy & Physiology II HIT 216-Quality Management

MAT 115-Mathematical Models or

MAT 143-Quantitative Literacy or

MAT 110-Mathematical Measurement

and Literacy

ENG 112-Argument-Based Research or

ENG 113-Literature-Based Research or

ENG 114-Prof Research & Reporting

ENG 111-Expository Writing HIT 280-Professional Issues
HIT 220-Health Informatics & EHRs
Summer Semester (3rd semester)

COM 110-Intro to Communication or

COM 231-Public Speaking
HUM xxx-Humanities Elective
PSY 150-General Psychology


*Course sequence may vary depending on the semester admitted into the program.


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Core Competencies

Curriculum Competencies