Health Sciences


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Welcome to the website of the Health Sciences Division at Central Piedmont Community College. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to pursue a variety of exciting healthcare career options. The 8 programs in the Health Sciences Division prepare our graduates to deliver healthcare services in such settings as hospitals, physicians' offices, dentists' offices, skilled nursing facilities, public schools, and outpatient rehabilitation centers.

We can offer you the education you need to provide care to the very sickest of patients in intensive care units, or to work in the technologically-advanced laboratory, or to manage electronic healthcare information, or to rehabilitate an injured athlete, or to provide quality dental care, or to work on the front lines in a physician's office.

Please take the opportunity to review the websites for each of our 8 programs so you can decide which career most closely matches your goals and interests. For further assistance, please contact the program faculty as directed at each website.