Begin your career at Central Piedmont Community College.  The Surgical Technology program consists of 69 credit hours that a full-time student can complete in just four semesters.  Get started today on a career in health care.

Fall Semester I

SUR 110     Introduction to Surgical Technology

SGT 111      Perioperative Patient Care

BIO 163        Basic Anatomy & Physiology

MED 121      Medical Terminology I

Spring Semester I

SUR 122       Surgical Procedures I

SUR 123       Surgical Clinical I

BIO 175         General Microbiology

MAT 110        Mathematical Models

Fall Semester II

SUR 134        Surgical Procedures II

SUR 135        Surgical Clinical II

PSY 150         General Psychology

ENG 111         English

Humanities Elective

Spring Semester II

SUR 210         Advanced Clinical Practice

SUR 211         Advanced Theoretical Concepts

SUR 137         Professional Success Preparation

CIS 110           Introduction to Computers

COM 120        Interpersonal Communications

ENG 114         Professional Research & Reporting