SAB Continuing Education

Community professionals who are already working in the substance abuse field and are already registered or credentialed with the NCSAPPB may take SAB Program curriculum courses for credit toward the Board's initial credentialing educational requirements (270 hours at the associate or bachelor's level; 180 hours at the master's level) or toward re-credentialing. The Board uses a conversion rate of 1:15, so that for every completed semester credit hour, the applicant may be credited with fifteen clock hours of education. This results in a completed 3 semester credit hour course earning the applicant 45 clock hours toward their educational requirements for credentialing or re-credentialing.

A student wishing to take courses for this purpose may establish their program as T90990 instead of pursuing a degree or certificate.

Students in this situation are welcome to pursue either or both SAB certificates but need to be aware that the Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (C4538EC3) requires an internship, even if the student has previously completed one in another program or for the Board.