Nurse Aide II Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements:

1. Complete a CPCC Curriculum application:

2. Submit high school transcripts or equivalent, as well as any college transcripts (if applicable).

3. Take the required placement tests with the following scores: MATH - at least a 7 on DMA 010, 020, 030 or the equivalent; READING/ENGLISH - composite DRE score of 151+. Students may also qualify by passing DMA 010, 020, and 030 or the equivalent, as well as DRE 098. To schedule test, take practice tests, and access review materials, please visit: Students may also take BOTH a math and an English 100+ level course and pass with at least a "C" or higher.

4. Contact us so that we can verify your current North Carolina Nurse Aide Listing. We will also need proof of your current CPR certification. Please email it to the Nurse Aide Program Assistant: Marcus L. Caldwell ( Please be sure to include your CPCC student ID number.

* If you have received permission in a previous semester, please be sure that you have the most current information packet and health record. You may request this from Mr. Caldwell via the email address above.

5. Students must be at least 18 years of age by the time of clinicals.

Here is a link to the Online Schedule Builder:

Financial Aid:

Review the following website information:

Please click here for Nurse Aide Tuition and Fees.