Coop/Internship Pointers and Things to Know


Co-Op contact – Shantelle Jenkins, or call her at 704- 330-6132

General Information:

You will be staying at the same internship site for two semesters. Each semester, you will complete 160 internship hours. This works out to 10 hours a week.

What to say when setting up the appointment:

Call one of the internship locations given in the handout. Your introduction should go something like this:

“Hello, my name is ____________ and I am attending CPCC in the Human Services Program. I would like to schedule an interview with you to discuss the possibility of an internship with your agency.”

Your closing should be something like:

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview with you. I look forward to meeting you on _________ at __:00.

What to wear:

Women: Wear a suit or dress pants suit. This is not the place for lots of big jewelry, short skirts or low cut tops. Save that for the club. You want to look professional.

Men: You may wear a suit and tie, but not necessary. You can just wear nice pants, a shirt and tie. As with the ladies, look professional.


What to bring and what to do:

Bring several copies of your resume. ( Make sure Kalema has reviewed your resume. Don’t have a resume, someone at the Career Center at CPCC will help you create one.) Shake hands with the person that is doing the interviewing and thank them for making time to see you. Be ready for some of the questions that might come up such as:

    Why do you want to do your internship here?
    What makes you a good candidate to be an intern here?
    What can you offer our agency?
    What do you know about our agency?
    What are some of your strong points?
    What are some of your limitations?
    Be ready to ask questions about their agency such as
    What kind of internship opportunities would I have here?
    What kind of training do you provide for new interns?
    Who would my supervisor be?
    Would you be able to work around my schedule (be able to provide your Fall Schedule)?

How do I know if I get the internship?

If you think the agency would be a good fit for your academic and professional goals, let the person doing the interview know you want the internship. You might say something like:

“I’m very impressed with your agency and I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do my internship here.”

Realize that they may have only a limited amount of internship sites and may have more people to interview. If they say they will get back with you later, it is okay to ask if they have a general idea when they will be making a decision. The person interviewing you may offer you the internship slot at the end of your interview. If you want the internship, you may accept at that time.

If they offer you the internship and you do not feel it is a good fit for you or if you have another interview set up for a later date with another agency, you may say something such as:

“I will be making my decision within the next week. May I get back with you at that time?”

Before you leave, ask for one of their cards and shake their hand again and say:

“Thank you again for talking with me today. I enjoyed meeting you and (1) look forward to working with you (if you are offered and accept the position) or (2) I will call you within the week (if you want to think about it).

Don’t Forget:

Smile, be enthusiastic and be yourself. You have a lot to offer the agency as an intern and they have a lot to offer you in return. You will be making your first step in becoming a professional in the world of Human Service work.