Coop/Internship Locations

Child Abuse and Neglect
Youth Network – Carol Dunlap (377-0602)
Youth Homes – (334-9955 x33)
Hope Youth Services, Inc, Alisa Delgado, (704-622-4039)

Alexander Youth Network

6220 Thermal Road Charlotte, NC 27211
Relatives Crisis Shelter
1100 E Blvd # 460, Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone:(704) 377-0602


    Salvation Army Women’s Shelter – Deronda Mets (334-4731 or 704-348-2560 ex 245)

    ECO – Myra Clark (374-0762)
    Jacob’s Ladder – Clarence Johnson (332-5822)
    Stonewall Jackson Training Center – (change in personnel)

Family - Community
    Matthew’s Help Center

Domestic Violence
    NOVA – Donavan Grant (336-4344)
    HERO Program - Lisa Nesbit (336-3414)
    Victim’s Assistance – Monique Taylor (336-4126)
    Shelter for Battered Women – Sharon Motely (334-2513)

    Crisis Assistance Ministries - Darlene Blackman (330-3100)
    Florence Crittenton Services – Cathy Carter (372-4663)
    Metrolina AIDS Project (MAP)

There are many other locations available for as internship.  Please copy and past or click on this link in your browser for a list of agencies available through the United Way of Central Carolinas.  Also, you may use the HSE 123 Services Learning List as additional resources.  Note:  If you are interested in doing an internship in a site that is not listed in any of these resources you MUST communicate with the Program Chair Prior to making any type of committment.