Coop/Internship General Information

General Information about Human Services Internships

Who is Eligible?

·   2.5 GPAMinimum of twelve semester hours credit (12) must be completed within the appropriate program of study BEFORE a student can be eligible to received coop credit. A minimum of 3 SCH must come from the core within the students Major. MUST have been satisfactorily completed a combination of the units of courses indicated above. Be recommended for placement by the Human Services Faculty.  Each coop student must be enrolled in its companion seminar class which meets weekly on Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:20pm.
·         Certificate students – must complete 9 semester credit hours in the program of study prior to co-oping.
·         Associate Degree and Diploma Students – must complete 12 semester credit hours in program of study and 3 semester credit hours in the core before co-oping
·         Students with a previous degree – all students must meet the same eligibility requirements in order to participate in co-op
·         Site visits – required to be “on the site”. If student is out of state, document any exceptions (like a telephone visit) in the student’s file
·         MLO’s (measurable learning objectives) will be closely reviewed by auditors – should be measurable and related to program of study
·         College Transfer Co-op Students – one hour credit may or may not transfer – this will be the decision of the gaining institution
·         The mid-term visit with the student may or may not be on site. It can take place on campus.
These are the courses that MUST be completed prior to beginning co-op in Human Services.
·         HSE 110 - Introduction to Human Services
·         HSE 112 - Group Process 1
·         HSE 120 - Interpersonal Relations
·         SAB 110 - Substance Abuse Overview
·         HSE 123 -Interviewing Techniques
·         ENG 111 - Expository Writing
·         HSE 225 - Crisis Intervention
·         PSY 150: General Psychology
·         SOC 213: Sociology of the Family.
Additional requirements according to concentrations are:

1) Substance Abuse students should also have had SAB 120 - Intake and Assessment, and SAB 135 - Addictive Process.

2) Developmental Disability majors must also have DDT 110 - Developmental Disabilities

Students must have a C or better to have successfully completed any HSE, SAB, DDT, or GRO course.

Students must also have at least 3 hours in the Curriculum area. Strong recommendation would be one of these: CIS 110, COM 110/COM 231 or HSE 220.

One of the reasons it is important to meet with your Program Chair before registering each semester is to make sure you are on the right track in preparation for beginning your internship.


The internship begins in Fall semester and runs through the next consecutive Spring Semester. Any exception to this time frame must be approved by the appropriate Program Chair. You will spend at least 10 hours per week each week of the two semesters at your internship site for a minimum of 160 hours per semester..


You will secure your own internship site after meeting with your Program Chair. Do not begin interviewing at potential internship sites until you have met with your Program Chair. During the first half of the program, students should begin considering their career goals (what population, age group, area of interest, etc.) The internship should, ideally, be closely linked to these career goals. For instance, you may envision yourself working with children who have been abused and/or neglected. In this case, your internship site would be one that serves this population.


During the Spring Semester preceding your internship, and if you have met all the requirements listed above, you will attend a meeting for prospective interns, to discuss the parameters of entrance into the internship phase of the program. Then, each student will meet individually with their Program Chair. You will have until the following Fall Semester to secure an internship site.

“Present Position” Work Experience as Internship?

In order for present work experience to qualify as an internship experience, one or more of the following criteria must be met:

1) The student must be acquiring significant new skills or knowledge related to the academic field of study.

2) The student must be developing a recently learned skill or applying recently learned knowledge related to the academic field of study.

3) The student must be receiving increased levels of responsibility and/or expanded duties within the company or organization and these responsibilities or duties must be related to the academic field of study.

How can I be eligible for Internship in a Certificate Programs?

1) Student needs to have a minimum of 12 hours in the Certificate Program prior to starting their internship placement.