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Work Based LearningWork Based LearningWork Based Learning

General Information about Human Services Internships

Who is Eligible?

Before a student can be eligible to receive Work Based Learning (WBL) credit, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a 2.5 GPA
  • Minimum of twelve semester hours credit (12) must be completed within the appropriate program of study
  • A minimum of 3 SCH must come from the core within the students Major.
  • Satisfactorily completed a combination of the units of courses indicated above.
  • Be recommended for placement by the Human Services Faculty.
  • Must be enrolled in its companion seminar class which meets weekly on Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:20pm.
  • The following courses MUST be completed prior to beginning Work Based Learning in Human Services (WBL):
    • HSE 110 - Introduction to Human Services
    • HSE 112 - Group Process 1
    • HSE 120 - Interpersonal Relations
    • SAB 110 - Substance Abuse Overview
    • HSE 123 - Interviewing Techniques
    • ENG 111 - Expository Writing
    • HSE 225 - Crisis Intervention
    • PSY 150 - General Psychology
    • SOC 213 -Sociology of the Family
    • The mid-term visit with the student may or may not be on site. It can take place on campus.


Certificate students

  • must complete 9 semester credit hours in the program of study prior to WBL

Associate Degree and Diploma Students

  • must complete 12 semester credit hours in program of study and 3 semester credit hours in the core before WBL

Students with a previous degree

  • all students must meet the same eligibility requirements in order to participate in WBL

College Transfer WBL Students – one hour credit may or may not transfer – this will be the decision of the gaining institution

Site visits

  • Students are required to be “on the site”. If student is out of state, document any exceptions (like a telephone visit) in the student’s file

MLO’s (measurable learning objectives) will be closely reviewed by auditors – should be measurable and related to program of study

Completion Hours--Students must complete 160 hours per semester for a total of 320 hours for the year if you are in the A45380 (Associates in Applied Sciences Degree).  If you are in a certificate program then you will only do one semester of Work Based Learning.

These courses total 26 credit hours prior to a student beginning the Work Based Learning component of the program.  Students must have a "C" or better to have successfully completed any Human Services courses (HSE), Substance Abuse courses (SAB), Developmental Disabilities courses (DD) or Gerontology course (GRO).

Co-op Paperwork:

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Click Here for Full WBL Paperwork for Human Services

Internship Syllabus for WBL 111F/121F (Fall/first co-op)

Internship Syllabus for WBL 115F/125F (Spring/second co-op)

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