Registration Requirements

Program Prerequisites:

  • HEA 7254 (Exploring Medical Language) This 90-hour web-enhanced medical terminology course covering Medical Terminology I, II, and III also includes the basics of anatomy and physiology, disease process, and pharmacology. Students will be instructed in: 1) how to build medical terms from Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and combining forms, 2) accurate spelling and defining of medical words, 3) correct pronunciation of medical words including pronunciation variations, 4) medical abbreviations, 5) location and function of the body organs/systems, and 6) pathological conditions common to the body systems.  In order to have the course waived, we must have one of the following: 1) an unofficial copy of your transcripts showing that you have completed Medical Terminology I, II, and III with a grade of “C” or higher. You may have this emailed or faxed to me (information in my signature); OR 2) a statement from a supervisor on company letterhead testifying to your proficiency with medical terminology. This class costs approximately $375 (tuition + books).
  • HEA 7625 (Medical Keyboarding) The student will develop touch-typing skills for data entry on electronic data information processing equipment that will help to increase your typing speed and proficiency, essentials for every successful coder. You will be able to proofread typewritten copy and will become familiar with a personal computer keyboard. This course costs approximately $375 (tuition + books). You may test out of this class by demonstrating the ability to type 35 wpm with 95% accuracy by following these instructions:

Please be advised that you must have a CPCC student ID number in order to take this test and to have the results counted. If you do not have one or have forgotten it, please call Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service at (704) 330-4223 to obtain an ID number. Once that is done, please read and follow these directions carefully:

1) Please visit

2) Access code: CPCC50

3) Please fill in all boxes.

You are allotted 2 attempts to test out. You must have an accuracy score of at least 95%. If you are not successful, then you will be required to take Medical Keyboarding or wait to test out for the following semester.  You will be notified by the department via email regarding your results within 48 hours of taking the test. Your results will be good for one (1) calendar year. Please make sure that your computer is running the most current version of JAVA. You may also find it helpful to clean out your cookies under Internet Options.

Program Requirements:

  • HEA 7401 (Medical Transcription)This course will teach you to interpret and transcribe dictation from physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc., and to edit dictated material for grammar and clarity as necessary and appropriate. Approximate cost is $400 (tuition + books and materials)

NOTE: Permission will be granted when all prerequisites have been satisfied. Prerequisites cannot be taken concurrently with Medical Transcriptionist.

Class Schedule

Please see Schedule Builder for information regarding the textbook(s) for this class.

Registration/Enrollment Procedures:

  • By phone: CCE Customer Service at 704.330.4223
  • online: click here

Cost: $185 per course (not including books and other College fees)

Withdrawal Policy (Occupational Extension Classes):

  • All tuition will be systematically refunded by the College for any class canceled by the College.
  • 100% of tuition paid will be refunded by the College if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to the first day of the class.
  • 75% of tuition paid will be refunded by the College if the student officially withdraws from the class on or after the first day of the class through the 10% point of the class.

Refund Policy