Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find out about course requirements for Human Services, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse, and Gerontology?
A: There are a number of ways:

  • Refer to the CPCC Catalog under “Associate in Applied Science” degrees, and look for Human Services Technology
  • Go to the home page of the CPCC website and look under Programs of Study
  • Go to Central High on the Central Campus and speak to an Admissions counselor

Q: When does the Fall Schedule of classes come out?
A: During the Spring semester.

Q: I am a new student; what is the first step in applying to the college? (get rid of the highlighted ‘is’)
A: Entering students need to first meet with a counselor in Central High, complete an Admissions Form, and the counselor will help you determine the Placement Tests you need to take before registering for courses.

Q: If a signature is required for me to register for a course, do I have to wait until the faculty members come back to be registered?
A: Yes. A faculty advisor will register you for ALL courses when s/he returns on August.

Q: When do program chairs return to CPCC?
A: First week of August

Q: When does the Fall semester start?

A: August

Q: What is the latest date that I can register?
A: For the Fall semester we highly recommend that students register during the previous Spring or Summer sessions, especially for General Education courses, which fill up quickly. However, with classes that are not in such demand, you may register up to August or, in some instances, in-class (but this is unusual).