Before beginning the internship program, each student will have met the following criteria:

2.5 Cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average)

Completion of the following courses:
HSE 110: Introduction to Human Services
HSE 112: Group Process I
HSE 120: Interpersonal Relations
SAB 110: Substance Abuse Overview
PSY 150: General Psychology
SOC 213: Sociology of the Family

Each student participating in the internship program will be enrolled in a seminar class in order to process what he/she is learning in the field.


Q: How do I find an internship site?

A: The Program Chair in your area will help you with a list of possible sites. You will be responsible for selecting the specific sites to contact for interviews.

Q: How many interviews with internship sites should I do?
A: A minimum of two interviews with different organizations is required.

Q: Will I do my internship at the same site for the fall and spring semesters?
A: It is recommended that you plan to do both the fall and spring internship at the same site to maximize your training experience and potential employment opportunities. If a change in the site is necessary or preferred, this option can be discussed with the Program Chair in your area.

Q: Can I do my internship at my place of employment?
A: You may do your internship at your place of employment if your responsibilities will be different than your current position. The intent of the internship experience is to expose you to new experiences, offering you the opportunity to learn new skills.

Q: Can I do an internship at a place not included on the list provided by the Program Chair?
A: This is a matter that should be discussed and/or negotiated with the Program Chair prior to talking to the potential site.

Q: Will my internship be paid or non-paid?

A: Typically internship sites are unpaid work experiences. If you have any questions, please talk to your Program Chair.

Q: How many hours will the internship be per week?
A: You must participate in the internship experience for a minimum of 10 hours per week. The internship will last 16 weeks per semester. It is your responsibility to negotiate hours, holidays, breaks, etc. with the employer in the site. Most organizations will not adhere to the college class schedule. Your behavior in the site will most certainly reflect on your future employment i.e. willingness to work flexible hours, holidays, etc.

Q: Will there be any agency requirements that I will have to meet prior to my placement at the internship site?
A: Some agencies may require police checks, drug screening, TB tests and/or blood-borne pathogen training. Sites may also require that you participate in their own orientation or training. There may also be a requirement that you work more than the minimum of 10 hours per week. You will be required to purchase the CPCC student insurance ($3.00 per semester) prior to your placement.

Q: Will there be any additional paperwork requirements with the CPCC CO-OP office on campus?
A: All students will be required to complete paperwork with the CPCC CO-OP office prior to the start of the semester. The Developmental Disabilities, Gerontology, Human Services Technology, and Substance Abuse programs contact person in the CPCC central campus office is Linda Moorer, Kratt 320, 704 330 6128.

Q: When do I register for the Co-op class?
A: Registration will take place during regular registration for the fall and spring semesters. For the fall semester, you should register for COE 111 Co-op Work Experience I and COE 115 Co-op Work Experience Seminar I. For the spring semester, you should register for COE 121 Co-op Work Experience II and COE 125 Co-op Work Experience Seminar II.

Q: What is the seminar class?
A: Internship students will meet once weekly, for one hour, with fellow interns in their concentration i.e. Human Services Technology, Substance Abuse, Developmental Disabilities or Gerontology. At that time, students will have the opportunity to discuss their internship experience.

Q: Who am I responsible to at the internship site?
A: Each internship site will have a site supervisor from the agency/organization who will meet with you on a regular basis.

Q: Will I be observed by CPCC staff in the internship site?
A: CPCC staff will observe you at your internship site at least once per semester.

Q: How do I contact my Program Chair?
Developmental Disabilities
Calvin Walton, Program Chair
704 330 6748,