Patient Simulation Technology

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Patient Simulation

The Central Piedmont Community College Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Program incorporates simulation technology into the curriculum in order to immerse students into “real life” situations.

A Simbionix ANGIO Mentor® simulator provides hands-on practice of endovascular procedures performed under fluoroscopy in the cath lab in an extensive and complete virtual reality simulated environment. The technology enables realistic visualization of the anatomy and instrument activity. This technology is combined with a high-end haptic system for visual and tactile feedback, which realistically mimics the look and feel of actual endovascular interventions.

An advanced, computerized SimMan® 3G manikin is utilized to provide simulation-based education to challenge and test students' clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. Students can perform bag mask ventilations, resuscitation procedures and administer medications. SimMan® 3G can be remotely controlled to enact planned scenarios replicating various clinical events. The simulation experiences can also be video-recorded for later review by instructor and students.

Using CPCC’s advanced simulators, Cardiovascular Technology students are able to develop high level of professional skills and improve their decision-making abilities through an interactive environment. Through repeated skills and scenario training, students are better prepared to work safely with patients.