Academic Programs


Here at CPCC’s Harper Campus our Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology program has two Degrees, six Certificates and a wide range of Continuing Education and Industry Training classes. You can learn how to use common programs to Design and Print like:

•    Adobe Photoshop
•    Adobe Illustrator
•    Adobe InDesign
•    Acrobat Professional
•   and MORE!

Or take many printing classes that can teach you methods to Design and Print:

•    T-shirts
•    Product labels
•    Magazine covers
•    Brochures
•    Business Cards
•    And much more…

CPCC also offers Design, Art, and Photography Classes that can help support specialty interest in the Printing field.

The jobs in this industry fall in the following main printing areas and our GAIT program is designed to focus on them.

•    Flexography
•    Screen Printing
•    Prepress (Computer Publishing)
•   Industry Training

To learn more details about any specific Degrees, Certificates, or other areas please click on area links or contact our staff. We will be happy to assist you!