Examples of grants from the Government Relations and Grants portfolio.

Training (103 Grants)
Awards focused on efforts targeted to unemployed, emerging and transitioning workers.

      • Early Childhood Teacher Education (Smart Start)
        • NC Back to Work (NCCCS)
        • Microsoft Elevate America Veterans Initiative – Good Will Industries (Microsoft)
        • Center for Integrated Emergency Response Training (FIPSE)
        • Pathways Out of Poverty (DOL/ARRA)

    Education Reform (21 Grants)
    Awards that support strategic innovation and institutional growth.

        • NC Competency Based Education (US Dept of Ed)
        • Mechatronics Re-Envisioned (US DOL)
        • Completion by Design (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
        • NCCCS Math CIP (NCCCS)
        • Credit When It’s Due (Kresge/Lumina Foundation)


      Adult Education & Literacy (70 Grants)
      Awards for basic skills development including secondary credential attainment and language acquisition.

          • Comprehensive Family Literacy (NCCCS)
          • English Lit/Civics Education (NCCCS)
          • Pathways to Employment (NCCCS)
          • Project Ideal – Distance Learning (NCCCS)
          • Refugee Outreach Literacy (DHHS)


        Support Services (28 Grants)
        Awards designed to improve student retention, completion and overall success.

            • Single Stop (JMBE)
            • Brighter Futures 1.0 & 2.0 (NCCCS)
            • NC STEM Alliance (NSF)
            • Work & Learn Out of School Youth (Charlotte Works/WIOA)
            • TRIO Student Support Services (US Dept of Ed)


          Program Enhancement and Development (81 Grants)
          Awards for the creation of new programs, including certificates, diplomas and AAS degrees.

              • Regional Effort to Advance Charlotte Information Technology – REACH IT (DOL)
              • Center for Non-Destructive Examination Technology (DOL)
              • Anti-Counterfeit Printing & Packaging Technology (NSF)
              • American Academy of Applied Forensics (NIJ)
              • Ultrasonic Testing Fast Track Program (USNRC)


            Facilities Equipment & Labs (30 Grants)
            Awards which provided funding for bricks and mortar, laboratory upgrades and equipment purchases to enhance technical instruction.

                • Perkins CTE (US Dept of ED)
                • Health Sciences Simulation Lab (HRSA)
                • Carolinas Energy Training Center (DOE)
                • Engineering Technologies Enhancement Grant (Duke)
                • Mechatronics Engineering Technology Partnership (Duke)


            Community Humanities & Arts (46 Grants)
            Non-academic programs and services that benefit CPCC and the public.

                • Charlotte Symphony Orchestra on Campus (ASC)
                • Dances of India (ASC)
                • Pulitzer NC: The Power of Words (NC Humanities)
                • Created Equal America’s Civil Rights Struggle (NEH)
                • American Promise (WTVI) (CPB/WETA)