How We Serve

Government Relations: Federal, State, Local

  • Build relationships with Federal, State, and Local agencies and legislative staff increasing CPCC's visibility and competitive position for grant funds and/or appropriations.
  • Serve as point-of-contact for Federal, State, and Local agencies and National Foundation partners (Gates, Lumina, JFF, Aspen) in coordination with CPCC President and leadership.
  • Advocate for CPCC and support the NCCCS in development and implementation of NC legislation impacting education reform policy and practice.

Education Reform & Advocacy

  • Research trends in higher education reform that reflect the priorities of Federal, State, and National foundation partners.
  • Provide CPCC President and Cabinet with regular updates on higher education reform to inform strategic planning.
  • Advocate to improve CPCC’s strategic position for funding and other resources in coordination with CPCC President and leadership.

Grants Stewardship Infrastructure (State, Federal & National)

  • Convene the CPCC Grants Review Committee (all members of Cabinet) to advise and make recommendations to the President on education reform strategy and overall impact of grant projects (includes: impact of development, stewardship, compliance and support).
  • Convene the CPCC Grants Administration Team (key members of Government Relations & Grants and Grants Contracts, and Financial Aid Accounting) to review the fiscal and programmatic performance of grant projects and make recommendations to resolve challenges and support successful implementation.
    • Manage the day-to-day activities of several highly complex, cross-college reform initiatives. Responsible for internal and external partners and project teams, budgets, and performance. (e.g., Completion by Design, NC-CBE Project, NC Reverse Transfer Project, NCCCS Prior Learning Assessment Plan).

    Grants: Pre-Award Research and Development

    • Lead development teams across CPCC units and at partner institutions (Regional, State, and National) to develop detailed proposals that improve, innovate, modernize, and expand programs/services.
    • Ensure all Federal, State, and National Foundation grant applications are reviewed by the Cabinet/Grants Review Committee, approved by the CPCC President and submitted through the Grants office.

    Grants: Post-Award Performance

    • Coordinate the post-award administration of CPCC grant projects to ensure activities are implemented according to funding agency guidelines; college strategic plan, policies and procedures; and all government regulations.
    • Work with grant‑funded project teams to resolve challenges; celebrate successes; and implement best practices for sharing, scaling, and sustaining best practices.