Grants Development


Step 1
Call Us...
So you have a great idea to improve programs or services - give us a call today to schedule a meeting. Or, you can also go directly to the Grants Central website to submit an Idea Abstract and schedule a meeting time with us.
Step 2
Let's Meet...
We’ll meet to discuss your idea and then begin the research process to find an appropriate funding source. Take a look at the Fundlink page of the Grants Central website – it’s a great place to start. Click here on Fundlink to bring you the latest grant funding opportunities available for educational programs and services.
Step 3
Pros & Cons...
If we match your idea with a funding agency, we’ll post a summary of your proposed project and the funding agency requirements online at the RFP Post page of Grants Central.  Key individuals will then be asked to visit the site and evaluate the opportunity. Input received from the
RFP Post (sample) will determine your “competitive positioning” with the funding agency.
Step 4
Teamwork Begins...
Once the decision is made to proceed, we’ll assemble a grants planning team; establish a timeline of tasks; and assign responsibilities. The grants planning team will use the Director’s Corner area of Grant’s Central to facilitate team communication and file sharing. Click here on the Director's Corner - an area that will provide resources and online collaborative work areas to assist you with developing your grant proposal.
Step 5
Review & Sign-off...
Once the grant proposal is completed, we’ll begin an internal review process that includes appropriate faculty, staff, and administrators. After the review and sign-off, our Office will prepare and submit the proposal to the funding agency. Note: To find out what happens after a grant is awarded click here:
Grants Administration Process