Adult High School Diploma

The Graduation Office at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) processes graduation for Adult High School (AHS). Students desiring enrollment should contact College and Career Readiness. Contact the Graduation Office or follow the steps to graduation only if you are currently enrolled in your final course.

We hold one commencement ceremony each year in May. Graduates from the previous summer and fall, as well as current spring graduates, are invited to participate, although participation is not required. Ceremony details are mailed to graduates in April. Additional information is available by calling 704-330-6312.


Meet with your AHS advisor. You should meet with your  Adult High School advisor prior to applying for graduation. They will review your education plan and determine your semester of graduation.

Submit your graduation application. You should submit a graduation application to the Adult High School Office during the established application dates below.

    • Fall graduates, apply in August
    • Spring graduates, apply in January
    • Summer graduates, apply in May

    Receive a graduation status update
    . Applications will be forwarded from the Adult High School office to the graduation office for eligible graduates.
    A Graduation Analyst will then audit your records and notify you of your status by email approximately 8 weeks after receiving your application. If you are unsure of when you will graduate and need advisement, you must meet with your Advisor.

    Ordering a transcript documenting your degree. When notified that you are eligible for graduation, you may order a transcript that will reflect the degree that you earn. Please complete the electronic transcript request and mark the request "Hold for Degree." By marking it to be held, the transcript will not be sent prior to your degree being noted.

    Confirmation of graduation status. A few weeks before the end of your final semester, another review of your records will be completed. When everything is in order, you will be given permission to order your Adult High School diploma.

    After completing all requirements, including successful completion of the final courses, a notation of your Adult High School diploma along with the date of graduation will be made on your CPCC transcript. If ordered, the diploma will be mailed to you. Information about when it will be mailed will be provided with your confirmation of graduation status.