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Nearly 150 regional stakeholders from business, government and education participated in a Global Competitiveness Summit at CPCC's Harris Conference Center on August 10, 2012.

With the Panama Canal due to inaugurate a third set of locks in 2014, shifting global trade routes, and the development of an intermodal transportation center at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the Charlotte region is positioned to become a leader in global commerce. The focus of the Summit was to understand the forces that are shaping this global intersection of commerce in the Charlotte area and to develop strategies to maximize resources to grow a robust and resilient region.

The following links provide background information and perspective about Charlotte’s global competitiveness.

Results from the Global Competitiveness Poll from August 10, 2012

Global Competitiveness I speakers

Global Competitiveness I video

For additional information about factors relating to the region’s global competitiveness, visit our Resources.

Summit PowerPoint Presentations:

Create It, Make It, Move It - Chase Saunders, ESQ., McNair Law

Prosperity At Risk - Dr. Bill Anderson, MeckEd and Mr. Mark Pringle, Siemens

Advanced Manufacturing as a Strategic Initiative - Mr. Mike Manis, Centralina Economic Development Commission and Dr. Robert Wilhelm, UNC Charlotte

Launching Charlotte’s Entrepreneurial Platform - Mr. Keva Walton, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Connect our Future - Mr. Jim Prosser, Centralina Council of Governments and Mike Manis, CEcD, Centralina Economic Development Commission

What Makes a 21st Century, Globally Competitive Region - Avalanche Consulting

Please read/review:

CPCC Snapshot Show/Global Competitiveness video - A short video overview of the event

A Business History of Charlotte (pdf) - Chase B. Saunders

Findings of Harvard Business School's Survey on U.S. Competitiveness (pdf) - Michael E. Porter and Jan W. Rivkin

The Future of Manufacturing: opportunities to drive economic growth 2012 (pdf) - World Economic Forum

www.deloitte.com - Deloitte/ Manufacturing Institute Survey

Great Ideas - "Make and Create" Concept video - Dr. Tony Zeiss, Chase Saunders and Michael Gallis

www.wfae.org - Charlotte Talks Radio Discussion

Pathways to Properity (pdf) - Pathways to Prosperity


Additional Readings:

www.greatercharlottebiz.com - "Charlotte 2030"

www.bizjournals.com/washington/blog - "Lessons from China's New Urbanization"

www.midamericafreight.org - "The Far Reaching Effects of Canal Expansion"

Closing the Gap: 2012 Skills Survey of N.C. Employers (pdf) - Workforce Development Board

www.online.wsj.com/article - "U.S. Manufacturing, Defying Naysayers"

www.businessweek.com - "Small U.S. Manufacturers Give Up on 'Made in China'"

www.brookings.edu/usmfg - Locating American Manufacturing: Trends in the Geography of Production